I call it inner goddess but its called with different names- higher self, soul self, intuition etc

How do we discern between the voice of goddess within vs ego/mind?

Our mind is a beautiful machine working to protect us day in day out based on what it learnt from the

  •  past experiences, 
  • self limiting beliefs, 
  • dysfunctional patterns or expectations.

 Its main function is to protect us but as we grow older, it learns to alarm us for anything that’s new, different or in an unchartered territory. The mind plays in the lower dimensional fields – THIRD dimension to keep us safe. It holds us in a controlled and contracted state. It’s the language of FEAR.

Some of the ways my ego tries to protect me and not move forward:

✨Oh, How are you gonna do it? You will be all alone?

✨Well, you can’t make enough money if you change. Stay where you are.

✨What if you fail?

✨Nobody believes in this healing stuff- you won’t be able to help others.

✨Why do you want to do it when you are already in a secured job? You should be lucky to 

✨Why do you want to move out of your marriage when you know you will be all alone?

✨Why don’t you just settle down with what you have?

✨It is not for you. You won’t be able to succeed like others.

✨You should be lucky to be in this relationship, in this job.

✨You’re not worthy to have financial abundance as it’s not for everyone.

✨You should be in control- I have figured out everything and there is a roadmap to follow.

✨There is no room to grow as security/safety is important.

✨What will others say about you?

✨You will be mocked if you run your own business. Etc and etc

GODDESS knows who you are.

It is not based on any limiting beliefs. It’s the language of LOVE and compassion. Higher self has your highest interest at hand and knows what’s best for you. Highest interest doesn’t mean it’s easy and comfortable. It’s the voice of expansion.

✨It asks you to step into your power which feels uncomfortable.

✨It asks you to make changes based on the unknown future.

✨It asks you to release the expectation of how it will turn out.

✨It doesn’t push you but doesn’t stop nudging you either.

✨It asks you to do things without a roadmap, without conditions and without promising anything.

✨It doesn’t have any what-ifs, just a gentle poke which shows you the way to live your life to the highest potential.

✨It will never ask you to do something out of resentment, anger, fear, guilt or shame.

✨It knows who you are, your potential, your best interests, your expansive essence.

When next time, you hear voices of FEAR and LOVE- know that you can discern it.

?Ask yourself is that TRUE?

?Is it based on my own limiting belief?

?Is it based on what I experienced in the past?

?Is it aligned to your inner desire?

?Is it based on attachment or judgement?

?Is it a nudge based on TRUST even when you don’t know how to navigate?

?Does it show you only the next step and not the entire plan?

We can navigate as we start healing and move towards the guidance of higher self. Initially, it will be complicated, messy and you would like to cower in or start negotiating with your Higher self. 

Gradually, we will reach a stage of allowing and surrendering- letting go of the control. 

We will trust the goddess within and counsel with  ego when needed.

And ego fades in the background becoming our powerful tool that helps us only when asked for warnings/cautions- turning to that less jumpy, control freak entity.

Wish you all the love and great things in your life.

-Love S