We love the idea that going back to the office can feel just as comfortable as working from home. Even though the office will never truly be exactly like home (no matter how many hours we spend there) you can still make it feel like a home-office away from home.  It’s those small touches that personalize a space and inspire us to be creative, innovative, and efficient.

Start with your desk

One of our favorite ways to make a space feel more like a home office is to start with our desk.  The more organized your space is, the better you will feel about sitting down and getting the work done.  It might have been a while since you were last sitting down in an office or cubicle, so take a moment and keep only what you need – the rest is just clutter.  Keep only two pens and a few paperclips, and if you don’t use tape or a stapler all of the time put it away.  Use boxes from gifts that are small and can help organize desk spaces.  It’s a nice way to upcycle and provides a nice memory every time you open your drawer. There’s no need to buy more stuff, just take a look around and reuse what you already have.

A clean space will free your mind

When our workspace is cluttered and dirty, we don’t work to our fullest potential.  Lots of people are borrowing the idea of a desk mat that originated with gamers. A desk mat is like an oversized mousepad and will keep your wood, glass or metal surface clean and free of scratches and coffee stains. It’s a fun a functional way to customize your space, offer wrist support, and help with precision mouse movements.  Love Desk Mats are made with a soft fabric polyester top and feature a 1/8″ thick, non-skid natural rubber backing.  There are lots of styles to choose from includes a luxe leather version.  If you can’t find a design that you like, there is also a custom option where you can upload your own design or photo.

Photo: Love Desk Mats

Let art be your inspiration

Enhancing the mood of your space with inspiring artwork. For some people it is a meaningful quote done in a pretty font and for others it’s a photograph of nature. Art expert Tam Gryn believes that art needs to go further and make statement that drives a strong emotion.  Whatever you find inspiring or meaningful is what you should include in your workspace.  Perhaps it is also an opportunity for a piece that is a conversation starter or an ice breaker with co-workers that you have not seen in a while.  The options are limitless, and the beauty is that art in a frame can be changed as quickly as your mood allows.

Liven your space with plants

Houseplants are one of the biggest trends in home décor, so it’s no surprise that plants will be the must-have office supply as we return to work.  Much like what we will be wearing to the office, which is a combination of comfort and professional, plants offer the opportunity to make a statement and help create a professional ambiance with a homey vibe.  Many people are in a small space with little light and the right plant can make us feel that we are slightly outside of an interior space.  It’s all about bringing the outdoors inside. Don’t fret if your plant won’t receive enough light to live. There are tons of dried plants that look amazing and will last for years. Plus, you’ll look like a trendsetter.

Photo: Sanni Sahil

Layer your lighting

Overhead office lighting is generally harsh, yet effective.  A small desk lamp can help add some personality to your space and create a mood that makes you feel more like being at home. In fact, we know some people that purchase two of the same lamps and use one at home and one in the office. This way they try and mirror the ambiance of their homes to create a seamless work environment.  Be sure to try out a few different energy-saving light bulbs that can strike the exact mood you are looking for when you are back at the office.