This past fall, I decided to take myself to a safari camp in northern Kenya for a couple of days, taking a break from my humanitarian work I was doing in Nairobi & Kisii while on vacation from my corporate finance job. 

While at the safari camp, as I looked out at the breathtaking landscape, I started to have a mini “freak out,” because it was nothing of what I expected. It was off-season, limited animals, and it was rainy. What I would soon come to learn is that I was on that mountain for a good, healthy dose of self-development and reflection.

A couple of years ago at 42 years old and single, I decided to take an opportunity for a job in Baltimore. The job would be a smaller scope for me, and it would have me leaving my beloved New York City. In my typical nature, I accepted the offer and moved three weeks later leaving my friends, family, network and so much more behind. The company would be different than any place I had worked in the past. I wondered if I would make it my first few weeks. It was a leap of faith. 

In a short time however, I made deep and meaningful relationships in Baltimore. I was promoted to a larger role at the company. On the side, I developed a strategy and vision, expanding my humanitarian efforts into Mission and Movement, an organization based on thoughtful living, purposeful leadership and long lasting community impact. While on that mountain at the safari camp, I knew I needed to reflect on all of these experiences, look inward and continue with my evolution.  

On top of that mountain, I broke free of limiting beliefs, celebrated my successes, had gratitude for how my life had expanded and was grounded in how I would move forward.