Being stuck behind a desk for nine hours a day is no fun at all, but if you introduce some changes and spice your office space a bit, this could become much easier to bear. More and more people are thinking about adding a few eco-friendly twists into their offices, making these spaces not only more motivating and inspiring, but also more welcoming and inviting. So, if you too think this is a good idea and are trying to figure out ways to make your office eco-friendly, here are a few methods you could try out.

Start recycling

This idea might seem too simple to work, but it’s actually more effective than people realize. Starting a recycling center in your office comes with a number of benefits, from making your workspace nicer and less cluttered to reducing waste and using fewer materials on an annual basis. The only thing you need to do is get your employees interested in this idea, and show them why this is a good project for the entire workforce. It could help you all feel better and save a considerable amount of money in the long run as well, and that’s something we all need.

Go paperless

The amount of documents that are printed in offices around the world each day is staggering, and this is quite easily the most damaging thing for the environment. We have to use tons of paper and millions of cartridges, and the worst thing is that this problem could be easily avoided if people just started going paperless and stopped printing so many unnecessary documents. So, encourage your employees to print less and try to minimize their usage of the company printers. Teach them how to use cloud-based services and online resources, as that will also help your office minimize the amount of printing every single day.

Update your bathrooms

Although they’re not the most important parts of your office space, the bathrooms are just as valuable when it comes to spicing things up and making your workplace more sustainable. Things like low-flush toilets and low-flow faucets could help you save a considerable amount of water every single year, yet this isn’t a project you should take lightly, but leave it to the professionals. This is what people all across Australia are doing as well, and they never hesitate to contact experienced commercial builders who Sydney who know how to fix commercial bathrooms and make them more functional and eco-friendly than ever.

Start turning off everything

This isn’t the most popular idea in the world, and not every single one of your employees is going to love it, but it’s certainly functional and practical. Instead of leaving all your devices, appliances and lights on even when you’re not using them, you should start turning things off and even unplugging them before heading home. This will require everyone to invest more time in their own work area and pay more attention to these things, but it’s also going to lower your electricity consumption and, consequently, your bill quite a lot month after month.

Reuse your old office furniture

Moving into a new office space or welcoming new employees means you have to think about new office furniture, and that might turn out to be rather costly. In addition to that, it’s as far away from being sustainable as you can imagine. So, what you should do is recycle and reuse your old office furniture – update it, reupholster it and give it a new purpose. This way, you’ll cut your costs, but also make a positive impact on your own carbon footprint, especially if you’re already surrounded by furniture that’s not 100% new, but still usable. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box, and you might be able to save a ton of money and inspire all of your employees to do the same at their own houses as well.

Making your office eco-friendly can’t be done in a matter of days, and it’s not the easiest project in the world, but it’s still a project you have to take into consideration. After all, just imagine the number of environmentally-aware partners and potential investors who will want to work with you once you become greener than ever!


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