Is there anyone out there who does not listen to music? Or anyone who does not have a favorite musician? I guess not. Music has been a part of our lives for centuries and you will agree with me that music makes our lives so much better. Music allows us to dance and I really can’t begin to imagine how our lives would have been if we didn’t have music. Now if you are a music lover and you like going to concerts I might be having some good news for you.

Music concert or festivals have been around for years but it was until the recent years that they have gained prominence and popularity. Nowadays seeing your favorite artist is not a fantasy as it used to be back in the days where seeing your favorite artist perform in a concert was close to impossible. You don’t have to trek for miles in order to attend a music concert. There is always a concert near you that you can attend and get to have the ultimate fun. Nowadays everyone has a chance to attend and catch a live show of his or her liking at any time of the year. Besides providing you with an unforgettable moment, music concerts has more health benefits in your life than you never thought. If you are a music concert goer I encourage you to keep going and if you don’t attend music concerts, it is the high time you start attending some.

Attending music concert will make you feel good.

I bet you will agree with me that music makes us feel good. Remember that time when you were so down and you listened to Westlife’s you raise me up and you felt like everything was going to be alright? That’s the power of music and according to a study conducted in 2016 by researchers Haruka Shoda those who watch live performance gets to have even better benefits of music than those who listen to music on speakers. If you got to feel the power of the music when listening to speakers, when you attend a music concert near you, you will get to know the real power of music.

The study had about 37 participants and when they were watching the live performance, their heart rate were being monitored. After the live performances, the 37 participants were given the recordings of the performances to listen to when they were at home and just like during the performances, their heart rates were monitored. After the study, it was found that watching live performance and attending music concerts, decreases stress of the members present.

Music concerts and live performances leads the audience towards some nerve activities as well as relaxation and reduction of anxiety. Sharing the concert room with the performer is just normal and not awkward as some might be tempted to think. The audience in a music concert gets to enjoy reduction of stress when they are engaging their cognitive function listening to music.

In addition to reduction of stress, the researchers found that people who keenly watch live performances had significant reduction of anxiety. Paying attention to live performance and sharing experience with your favorite artist as well as with other people, makes attending a music concert an activity that reduces stress.

Attending music concerts gives you the feels.

Most people actually have a target of attending a single or two music concerts in one year. For some it is a must to attend the music concerts but for most it is just a way to escape the world even if it’s for a day. Whatever your reason is, music concerts provides a platform for people to socialize.

A research was conducted by Julie Ballantyne and Jan Packer, whereby they looked into how music concerts affected the social and physical well- being of the audience. The people on the concerts filled in out questionnaires and the researchers identified the themes of response. The themes were, social experience of the music concert, separation from the everyday activities, music at the concert and atmosphere of the music concert. From the questionnaires, it was identified that music tied the atmosphere at the concert with social experience together. Many revealed that going to music concerts gave a meaning to their lives and it helped them live a more positive life.

Going to music concerts also helps the audience in the concert develop some sense of identity. The participants in the music concert feels like they belong to the same family. Like if they are attending a live performance by Ed Sheeran, the audience will feel brought close together and they can address each other as buddies and making new friends in a concert can be very easy. They feel that they belong to a community and 67 percent of the attendee usually have plans of meeting new friends in the concerts. 


Seeing one round of live performance will have a good impact in your life but in most cases its effect is going to be short term. This is why I would like to recommend regular and frequent attendance of music concerts because it will have the largest impact on your moods, mind and your life expectancy. Attending music concerts might be might be the solution you have been looking for to make you happier as well as improve your well- being. From the research, I think attending a gig once after a couple of weeks will make you live a long and happier life. Buying concert tickets especially for big artists like Drake or Rihanna might not be possible after a couple of weeks, but when you can, don’t make excuses buy the ticket and enjoy the music. If you really can’t afford the tickets, take a few of your friends get to your local pub and enjoy some live music.

N.R. Koka – Founder and CEO

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