Intro :

Golden Cala the sole owner of Lensme, the contact lenses brand that was founded in 2013 and exploded in popularity through recent years, can now be found in 5000 points of sales. Lensme is tremendously sought after, that agencies across the Middle East are fighting to score exclusive distribution rights to the brand’s products in their regions.

Lensme’s brand Ambassador is Yasmine Sabry the prominent Egyptian actress that continuously partners with premium international brands across the world.

How did is the current international situation treating Golden Cala Lensme ?

Like ask companies Golden Cala Lensme has been affected by COVID-19, but fortunately we have built a strong online presence that allowed us to recover a big chunk of our sales, and we predict tremendous growth when it comes to out online sales, as the whole market is looking into the direction of growing online presence, and fortunately we are considered to be pioneers, because we started online, and are comfortable in that playing field.

What are Golden Cala’s mission and vision statements?

Mission Statement: Golden Cala Lensme aims to continuously provide world-class products through nature, innovation, and technology. Vision Statement: Golden Cala Lensme aspires to cater world-class products to every home, family and individual. These statements where crafted the day Golden Cala Lensme was incepted, and it continuously fights to accomplish them through always looking for top quality products, and manufacturing partners.

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