A fresh sunrise for good morning

So, basically, what? Hey, nothing. Just, Good Morning. Today, in this article, I am going to give you a tour of the activities I, you and perhaps all pass through every day. And, just because, our activities are interesting, I don’t think you gonna get bore by reading this article. So stay tuned with till the end. Before we say “Good Morning” to we say “Good Night”, we actually doing many good things. We are speaking good, thinking good, and most importantly taking a good time for good productivity. You will be surprised to know that you’re not just waking up for your office. You’re waking up to give birth to the new energy. An energy that have potential to drive this world a little bit ahead. An energy that have capabilities to change your thinking process, your present, and most importantly your self. It’s a good to see your face in the mirror and speak “Here I am and There I will go”. Well, it’s nothing more than slogan but has a potential to make your morning good than just by listening the word Good Morning from others.

7:00AM – The most common time in India for people to wake up. How they wake up? By their phone’s alarm. But, that happens only in urban area. What about rural area? Well, they have quite a different situation. The people from rural areas in India sleeps in the lap of nature and wake up in front of the soft sunlight – The most energetic light in the universe. During the night they grow in the dreams and wake up with new ideas in mind and the purpose. In urban area, we are missing many things. The life of the people in urban area makes it very complicate for the people to enjoy the nature. They wake up, take brush in hand, and start washing their mouth. Many goes for walk on the lane. Many visit the barber shop in the morning. That’s not strange. What I found common in India is people prefer to visit the barber shop in the morning. I don’t know what problem they have in evening. Anyway. That’s not the matter here. If they have a trimmer, they cut the beard or make it stylish using the trimmer or shaver. Even, many people in India visits barber shop just to make their beard pretty stylish.

But, here I’m about to give you an idea to make your morning good. I prefer not to visit the barber shop every time I need a hair or beard cut. What I do, for the first time, I will visit it, tell it the kind style I want, and then the barber will do it. Here, my job is to keep watch on it. I will watch every single movement he carry out on my face. And, I will remember it and simply leave the shop. Next time, I won’t visit the barber shop, instead, I will buy the best hair cutter and a trimmer for me to save my time. Well, here, I may have to face problems regarding the selection of the right one. But, here is an article that gives information what to look into the hair cutter before buying it. I’ve read it then approached the local store near and owned one for me. Now, as I’ve said I’ve kept eye on my beard cut, I know how I’ve to cut it this time. So, that will make my morning easy by saving the time. And, this kinda things make us feel something unique. I mean you’re following your daily routine and one day you do one different task, which is really not a part of your daily routine. It really make sense of some kind of uniqueness.

After that, you go for bath, takes a full bath, wear clothes, and be ready for breakfast. Actually, if you ask for my excitement, I always wait and be excited what my mother has cooked for today’s morning. The experience of eating the breakfast at 8:00 AM in the direct sunlight is way more beautiful and energetic for me. Yaa, that’s damn right. Then, to check the emails you got in your personal email account’s inbox make feels like I’m about to find something new, something unique that I was looking for the last many days. Yaa, it’s also true that when I found the common things, I always feels a bit tricky. And, sometimes my mood gets off when I found some subscription-based email. I hate subscription-based newsletters. I often skip many emails as I always gets late for the office. So, I picks up the key, open the door of my car, and drive though the ways and ways to reach my destination where I spent my day.

To work with folks, and others is really really exciting. You sit together, discuss the problems you faced in the part in your project, and may face in future for the same, and other things like your future planning regarding your project, and many more. But, the interesting thing I found here is to meet the new people. Some people teaches me and some learn from me. Mostly, interns get learn from me.

The work environment in India is not user-friendly like in USA or any other foreign countries. But, I do enjoy my workspace pretty well. Everyone who works in the IT or technology company likes the coffee made by machine. I also. I always enjoy the lunch, doesn’t matter how hard my morning was. To lunch with folks is itself produce new energy. The energy that makes your much more productive, make you competitive, and makes you to believe in yourself, at least not to copy others. I’ve noticed that after meeting the folks, they started copy them – It looks like the energy has been utilized in the different way than it should be. However, meeting with boss is itself creates a new both environment and experience. For myself, it’s every time. And, most surprising for me is it gets refreshed every time. And, it’s necessary. You don’t have to be trapped in the old tactics because it won’t gonna work for you in future. See, it’s time. And, the time changes. If you don’t make change with time, then you may be changed.

While leaving the office generates new excitements about some of the things we’ll surely meet in the home. Actually, I forgot one thing to mention here. While leaving the office with team was always some a happy experience for me. Because, I think that we’ve did a lot of productive task – at least contributed to the progress of this world. When I reaches home, I always gets happy. After reaching there, I spend time with family, take a dinner, and get myself lost in the world of dreams.