Can you make real new friends on social media? 

Four weeks ago I would have said no. Social is in fact not social. But it seems things have changed. I have found my social media home and a way to make new friends even at this stage in my life. 

I now have over 10,000 followers on Clubhouse and only joined a month ago, but that’s not the exciting bit. It took me 11 years to make 11,000 “connections” on LinkedIn and don’t know most of their true voices in that network. I am even considering dropping all other social networks and going all in on platforms like Clubhouse. 

Clubhouse is different as people have to be themselves to connect on there. It’s a game changer and I cannot say it enough. It’s why a nobody like me in the social world can breakthrough. It’s why you can break through if you want to.

I know for those not on Clubhouse, using the word ‘friend’ might be a bit much for a “follower” but in some cases, I already know so much about certain people in my new network that both it blows my mind and feeds my soul.

I would add that I am English (don’t hold it against me) and we find it hard to make friends (think Brexit), but something is changing on social and Clubhouse and up and coming platforms like are not just providing a place to connect but a place to help you find your new real life lunch dates. Examples for me so far including amazing people like Beta LuccaAlexandra DepledgeDan Murray-SerterJess ButcherRachel CarrellJimmy McLoughlinMichael MarraAaron RossMichael LitmanJohn O’BrienNoel MackTom Ross to name but a few! 

If you want any help learning how Clubhouse works or fancy becoming a real world friend, let me know and let’s truly connect. 

Ps. Jumped into Twitter Spaces yesterday and that has potential as well. Anyone else on that platform?