It can be difficult for university graduates to find jobs that relate to their chosen degrees. Also, with better access to higher-education, more and more graduates are leaving university each year. But does the future hold better job prospects for graduates? The following article will list five jobs university graduates might do in the future, some of which you might wish existed now.

Personality Writer

Humanities and creative writing students might be more important to the future than expected. As artificial intelligence becomes more advanced and commercialised, personality writing could be a real position in the future. The position will involve writing complex responses and realistic qualities for AI personalities which could have domestic, leisure and commercial applications.

Neuro enhancer

While the myth of us only using 10% of our brains has been debunked, there is certainly the potential for neurological enhancement. Future biologists and chemists can look forward to researching and developing methods that would increase cognition and brain function. This would not necessarily mean a world of super-intelligent Limitless-like humans. Instead, the research could benefit mental illness sufferers by positively altering brain chemistry.

Virtual Teacher

Future education is set to move towards virtual and online experience. Online courses and tutorials are nothing new, but teachers will soon be able to deliver full classes in person to students from the comfort of their own home. The possibilities for international education are among the most interesting. One of the most well advertised positions for teachers and graduates is teaching English in foreign countries. Candidates are sometimes put off by the drastic cultural change and costs of moving abroad. However, a future virtual teacher would not have to leave their home and could even record and recycle material to lessen their workload.

Space Debris Remover

There are currently 250,000 tracked pieces of space junk orbiting Earth, with up to 5 million more too small to track. This debris can reach very high speeds, meaning collisions are an extremely serious threat to space exploration. There are already projects from organisations such as NASA and CNSA in place to tackle the growing problem of space junk. The Chinese National Space Administration have started experimenting with lasers which would be used to push floating debris out of orbit and into space. Due to the risks involved with the position, it is sure to be a well-paid and adventurous position for engineering graduates.

Internet / Social Media Lawyer

There are over 5.8 million cyber crimes per year. As well as this, social media incidents are reported every 40 minutes on Facebook and Twitter. This means that more cases of cyber crimes will be taken to court, the defendants and prosecutors of which will need qualified lawyers. Internet / social media lawyers will specialise in cyber criminal practise and law, which is something a niche today. Considering that £130bn was stolen by cyber criminals in 2017, law and computing students can look forward to high-profile and high-paid cases.