Another Thanksgiving has arrived but this time, the routinely patterned destination is different. 

Trading in the big lights and the curated sights of New York for a normally quiet, comfortably suburban North Carolina, a trip south seems more plausible, causing a fortunate change in the usual destiny of an impacted route. 

One event remains consistent, the dedication of watching the ‘Macy’s’ Parade, no matter how far that ‘COVID-19’ has unacceptably ruined the righteous plan of a favorite yearly, childhood tradition. 

The unions of family are important, surrounded by the required balance of a definitively safe setting, representing the familiarities of a freshly, deliciously home cooked meal.

Sitting around the dinner table with the productivity of a thoughtful conversation matters through the purpose of a measurably distant, necessary spatial gap occurring through the notable excuse of creating the opportunity of hope.

A lasting week efficiently runs the clock’s countdown, reminiscing the beauty of framed portrait kept memories whilst capably moving forward, full steam ahead. 

An enriched sense of belonging pulls at the convenience of echoed heart strings.

Experimental games readily appear upon the exterior, functioning as a midday distraction, beyond the freezing cold.

Excitement of the unknown captures the validity of the moment, reassuring the possible doubt of a lost connection, set in the process of renewal.

Self explainable is the enamored witness of captivating, wandering, introductory eyes fascinated on the simple, plentiful, expansive artistry of magic. 

Elevated emotion filters the equal of temporarily colorful leaves freely emptying to the ground before the poignant expectation of a classic, crystallized white snow.

Savory describes the expressive traction amidst the organic multitude of flavors available in the celebrated attraction of the transitional fall winter, welcomed holiday season.

Grace is the drawing that is shown in the active efforts of real time, on and off camera, in front and behind, a reflection of those whom we love, adore and cherish.