Gratitude is the expression of appreciation to another person or persons. Many people understand that gratitude is part of the bigger picture that includes thankfulness, gratefulness and kindness. When people are grateful to another person, they are acknowledging them for who they are and for what they have done for them. Gratitude is a way of showing recognition to others with genuineness and sincerity. 

Gratitude has many advantages for both the one who is sharing gratitude with others and those who receive it. Gratitude makes people feel accepted, respected and valued. Both people in the gratitude exchange can have these benefits. 

People who express gratitude are more likely to be well adjusted in their relationships with others. The act of gratitude brings with it a higher sense of self awareness. This higher sense of self awareness allows people to become more comfortable and confident when they interact with others. Being grateful might seem vulnerable and risky to those who do not have this level of sense of self awareness. 

The path to gratitude by way of self awareness, will not let people down. As they learn more about the benefits of self awareness, people will also see the benefits of being grateful to themselves and others. 

Gratitude can be a practice that becomes a way of life. It can be a habit that comes naturally in all situations. It is automatic in all interactions with others. People can become that person who says Thank You to others for the things they do for them and for the things that they give back. Modeling it for others to see and experience is important. 

When people find yourself thanking others automatically, they will know in their reflections that they have mastered the art of saying thank you. It is a thing of beauty when people express their unique style of saying thank you to others.

Some of the ways that leaders can express gratitude in their journey to making it an automatic are writing hand written thank you cards and notes, journalling about the things you are grateful for on a daily basis, reading and watching other people‚Äôs stories about what they are grateful for in their lives. Listening to music that has a gratitude theme to it and listening to some guided meditations on gratitude and thankfulness. 

It is always a good idea to build a habit consciously and mindfully, and this is no exception. Be aware of the things in life that are being given and express  gratitude for them to other people. Take the time to be responsible for a response to the things that are being gifted .The choice is there when people have the chance and opportunity to say thank you. 

Leadership gives us countless opportunities to express our gratitude to others and ourselves. When people can find at least 3 things each day that they can be grateful for in their life, they are on their way to developing the habit. In time people can get to the place where almost everything in their life, can be seen as an invitation to be grateful to  others.