My choices for great holistic holiday gift ideas are based on what’s best for the whole person. These are all aids to emotional fitness and well-being. I have them and use them all. And no, you will not find them under your seat, but they can all be had via your computer. (I know you were wondering what to do with those gift cards.)

1.     Smartwatch. Mine is by Apple, but there are numerous others. The important things to look for are features and apps that will keep you safe and help you stay healthy. Exercise and sleep-tracking features are excellent aids for self-healing along with heart monitors and, my personal favorite, the find-my-phone button. That alone has saved me at least a pound of adrenaline doing epic phone searches.

2.    Bidet toilet-seat. With the shortage of toilet paper, doing a lot more sitting, and having a Jewish stomach, this purchase has been a godsend. I got it for my wife, never thinking I would use it, and now it’s a common practice and something that my GI doctor says may well prevent some possible serious issues. I love the heated seat.

3.     Robot mop. Her name is Snow, and my wife treats her like a member of the family. She has mapped the entire house, avoids my guitars, and the floors have never been cleaner. During this time in our lives, it’s nice to know we can be more sanitary than ever before and make it less laborious.

4.    High-quality speakers. I have two that are paired on my desk, and I hear this outstanding HD sound. Tony Scott’s Music for Zen Meditation is an album I have been listening to since before eight-track tapes, and it has never sounded better. I hate ear pods, though I know the sound is amazing—and these little round speakers are better. For this music lover, they are a must. I’m getting a pair for the TV as well. I’m sure the result will be almost as good as going to the movies.

5.     Shower bench. If you have a stand-up shower and want to make your bathing more relaxing, consider a shower bench or stool. It can make a world of difference after a long day or if you are healing. To have a place to sit down while the hot water runs over you and sends you into bliss city. The starting price of these wonderful bath accessories is rather modest, but the benefits are priceless.

6.     Panini maker. This is a great appliance and, in the winter, hot sandwiches that are easily made is definitely a big comfort aid. Add some soup and you are set for lunch or dinner. These gadgets aren’t expensive and they really put even a great grilled cheese sandwich to shame. For those people who have a hard time eating, putting something new and delicious in front of them helps.

Now that we have these great holistic holiday gift ideas in our lives, it’s hard to believe we ever got on without them. Some are a little pricy, but finding discounts isn’t that hard, and these things are such assets. Some will save you labor, and some may save your life, but all of them will bring you a little more joy and help you feel better in some way.