The holidays are here which also means it’s the season of giving. While making your holiday to-do list be sure to think about people outside of your family and friends. There’s a lot of people who could use a helping hand during this time of the year. One of the best ways to help your community is by donating clothes that you no longer need. The days are getting colder and not everyone may have a fluffy sweater or hat to wear every day.  While you’re helping others you also get to clean out your closet of clothing you haven’t worn in a while. Here are great places to donate clothes while spreading holiday cheer.

American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is one of the oldest organizations in the country. They are known for their help in emergency and disaster education for millions of people. More recently they have partnered with the organization GreenDrop, which takes in donated clothes and sells them to thrift stores. All of these proceeds to go back to the American Red Cross to help them continue their humanitarian efforts. Look up the closest GreenDrop drop-off center to you or if you rather get the donation picked up you can schedule a time. 


One of the largest retail thrift stores would be nothing without help from people like you. During the holiday season, Goodwill is always looking for winter clothing and accessories. They are known for their very low prices and everyday sales. One of the best things about this non-profit is that their store revenue goes straight towards helping people find jobs and assisting them with growing their careers. No matter what condition your donation are in Goodwill will either sell them or send them off to the other recycling organizations. Goodwill stores are located all over so stop by your nearest one to drop off some of your old clothes.

Planet Aid

Most charities only accept donations that are in good donation but Planet Aid is a little different. They are open to the donation of any unwanted articles of clothing with the mission of saving all pieces from ending up in landfills. They not only focus on recycling but also donating clothes to developing countries. Pack up your bags and drop them off at any of Planet Aid’s yellow bins located across the country, Your gift of giving can help make a difference in areas fighting poverty this holiday season.



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