In 2018 I had a full diary of VA clients and was very very busy.

I really wanted to start up The VA Mentor Programme but for months I couldn’t even put a toe outside of my happy little bubble of comfort!

Then one morning in April 2018 I received an email to say I had been nominated for VA of the year at the North West PA Awards. Luckily I was sat down when I read the email!

I had to attend an interview in front of a panel and tell them about me and my business. This first photo is of me sitting outside the interview offices filled with anxiety and panic!

Then I found out that I was a finalist and that I needed to attend an awards evening! Again… this filled me with anxiety and panic!

I went to the awards evening and I hated every single minute of it! I had so little confidence in myself that I didn’t believe I belonged in that room with all those other amazing men and women! (not that you would know from the outside, looking at the second picture below).

I didn’t win, I knew I wasn’t going to win. I instantly cried when the results were announced and everyone on the table thought I was a little weird!

I didn’t cry as a result of not winning though, I cried because I felt a huge wave of relief. Relief that I didn’t have to go up on stage and have everyone look at me, relief that I could just go home!

The whole process from start to finish had pushed me a little too out of my zone!

I didn’t deserve to win the award that evening. Not because I wasn’t good enough at what I do, but because I wasn’t ready!

I wasn’t ready to step out of my comfort zone and step up to the challenge!

A lot has happened since that night and I have stepped out of my comfort zone over and over, stepping up to every challenge thrown at me. Growing my business and helping others to do the same.

If you do anything this year. Step out of your comfort zone… even if it’s just a toe to start with!

See what happens.