The Mindset Doctor

My wife and I own a health clinic just outside of Nashville, Tennessee, and we’ve had great success there. Through that success, I’ve had other doctors come to me asking for help, so I started helping them, of course. When I did that, I came to realize that it was never their business procedures or strategy that was holding them back. It was always their mindset and their level of personal growth and development that was holding them back in their business. 

Once we started to work through that, that’s when their business would take off. The best thing is, not only did their business get better, but their personal life got better. That’s when I started to coach other doctors, and eventually, I expanded out to other business owners and entrepreneurs. One of my good friends that I coached started calling me the mindset doctor.

The key to success was always personal growth and development for me. It’s been a part of my life since I was at least 16 years old. I know that my level of success today is directly related to the level of personal growth work that I did then until now. That’s why I love pouring into other people and helping them grow because I know what that’s gonna do for their future. 

It’s important to know how to hire the right team and make the right choices with your business, but it’s more about who you’re showing up as, as a leader. You have to start addressing your mindset. You can’t have a million-dollar business with a $500 mindset. You want to continue to grow, and you can look at it as a thermostat. You turn the air up, let’s say you set it at 70 degrees. If it starts to get too warm, the air is going to cut on and bring you back down to where you set it at 70 degrees. 

A lot of us have our own money mindset or a certain level of income we’re set at. If we start making more money, we self-sabotage ourselves. We bring ourselves back down to that level of comfort that we’ve been set on for so long. That’s one of the things I like to do with coaching people, reset the thermostat. I want my clients to start to show up with a greater money mindset, and then a greater vision of who they are and who they can become? That’s when they start to do better because they start showing up as that new person.

Growth Vs. Fixed Mindset

One way to tell if you have a mindset limitation is to analyze the language you use. It comes out in the form of excuses like I can’t do this or I can’t do that. Obviously, there are real-world things that you actually are not allowed to do sometimes. The difference between somebody with a growth mindset versus a fixed mindset is growth mindsets don’t let the things that are out of their control stop them from moving forward. For example, a pandemic happened, and there were shutdowns. A fixed mindset would see that as a major blockade and just sit back, assume that victim role, and say “well, that happened to me.” On the other hand, a growth mindset would take that shutdown as an opportunity to be ahead in the game and keep growing. Growth mindsets don’t let life just happen to them. An affirmation I learned a long time ago is “life doesn’t happen to me, it happens for me.” So no matter what comes my way, I’m looking at what I can learn, how I can grow, and how can I be better in the way I show up?

Change Your Mind By 


To go from a fixed mindset to a growth mindset, really just takes some reframing. When you run into challenges in your life, you get to choose how you see them. You can frame a challenge as a mountain that’s in your way and let it stop you from moving forward. Or you can frame a challenge as a mountain that you’re going to climb because you know it will make you stronger as your moving towards your goal. It’s the same mountain or challenge, but the way you perceive it impacts your potential for reaching your goals. 

Affirm, Believe, Repeat

Create affirmations that make you excited about moving forward. They can be simple phrases like “I am successful” or more detailed like “I am living my dream life of being an airline pilot.” It doesn’t matter how simple or detailed your affirmations are, but they need to excite you and serve as a daily reminder of your goals. By saying these affirmations and believing them, you create a positive energy vibration. Then you will start to attract the good vibrations into your life to help you grow towards your goals.

Focus On Your Advantages

We all have doubts about why we can’t do this or that. The excuses could be that your too young to do that or too inexperienced, but instead of focusing on your “disadvantages”, you should start to lean into what you do bring to the table. Everyone has skills and talents that make them unique and our job is to use all those advantages to serve and glorify God. Find what your advantages are and use them abundantly to grow in the direction of your goals.

Your mindset has the power to change your world. If you know that you have been seeing your world with a fixed mindset, start to reframe, create affirmations, and focus on your unique talents to help you shift to a growth mindset and achieve your goals.