guided meditation for boxers

Being a boxer, meditation is really important for me. A day comprise 24 hours. This is quite a long time to carry out different tasks and work. But if you are in a habit of getting up late in the morning, you are wasting some of your precious time in doing nothing productive. Early morning is a very effective time period when the body and brain are fresh and ready to work with full potential. Keeping into consideration the significance of the early hours of the day, many mental and psychological experts regard it as an ideal period for meditation.

Thats why I get up and take meditation very seriously. Its very important part of my boxing training. 

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Best Time For Meditation:

According to many gurus in this field, the development of a habit of morning meditation can bring about drastic changes in our lives. It can alter our entire life experience in a very pleasant manner. Triggered by positivity, meditation is excellent for mental and physical health. However, for effective meditation, we need to be fully committed to the process and patiently practice this act. Meditation calls for slowing down of your thinking process and controlling your thoughts in order to direct them in a positive direction.

Meditation and its Benefits:

It can cure many of our mental, physical and psychological problems. It can act as a motivational technique to inspire us and move us towards the attainment of our goals and objectives in life. In fact, it can also help find the right goals and objectives we should have in our lives. It is a very advantageous procedure and can have life-changing results for us. And as already pointed out, morning is the best time for its most effective application.

5 Reasons for Meditation in the Morning:

If you still do not believe or understand the importance and significance of morning meditation, let us have a look at 5 reasons why we should do morning meditation:

1. Waking Up Brightly:

These days most of us start our day with scrolling down the screens of our mobile phones and smart devices. Going through social media feeds, staring at shared pictures and glancing at emails sent to us by hundreds of marketers from all over the world. If not this, then you must be one of those people who hit the snooze button on your alarm to get some extra sleeping moments before you actually start your day. When you get up from both of these activities, you still find yourself tired and stressed. The work on your daily routine starts and the day go by like doing this and that. It is like an unending quest or race.

But if you meditate in the morning, think about your day, it can make a great difference. Spending first 10 to 15 minutes in the morning just to compose your thoughts, focus them on your priorities and direct them towards optimism and contentment, can make your entire life experience change for the better.

2. Compose your thoughts and attention:

The human brain has a variating attention span. You cannot focus on one thing for a very long time. In fact, in this fast-paced technological world, we have reduced our attention spans to a few seconds only. Morning meditation allows us to practice the act of focusing our thoughts. Aligning our thinking procedures right in the early hours of the day, help us understand our thoughts in a better way. We are able to discriminate between productive thoughts and nonsense thoughts.

One of the best advantages of meditation is that it helps us to break free from our habits and addictive behaviors. It is true for negative behaviors that can be controlled through repeated sessions of morning meditation.

3. Reduction in stressfulness and anxious behavior:

Among the different health advantages associated with meditation, eating out of stress is the most popular one. This has also been proven medically. Meditation allows you to spend time alone with your inner self. No one else to bother you or distract you. No meetings, schedules, and appointments. When you take a deep breath and relax, collecting your positive thoughts in the brain, your blood flow improves and your nervous system calms down. It provides your brain and body the relaxation it needs to relieve stress and anxiety.

4. Look at Different Frames of Reference:

While meditating early in the morning, we start the thinking process, free from the distractions of our daily busy routine and external environment. It allows us to think without being disturbed by the noise and chaos of the outer world. Therefore, we are able to think clearly and wisely with different frames of mind.

5. Best for Physical and Mental Health:

Having a regular practice of morning meditation can keep our minds and bodies more balanced in our emotions and feelings. It creates a relaxed and less stressful environment for us to breathe in. It is good for the overall well-being of the human being. Such morning meditation can enhance the function of the immune system and prove to be very beneficial for our body.


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