Mental health

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many people to develop mental fatigue from all the stresses arising, like staying in quarantine, losing out on social opportunities, and so on. Surviving mental illness can feel difficult. Such obstacles can prove to be persistent issues without any easy cure. Therapy and medicine can provide some relief. In extreme conditions, some people suffer from severe anxiety attacks and even suicidal ideation.

Mental health has a direct influence on day-to-day living. Maintaining mental wellness can help to combat anxiety. Looking for corrective remedies at such uncertain times requires a calm resolve and patience. 

Psychiatrists have specific strategies they recommend to cope with mental illness during the pandemic; some of them are as follows.

Ram Duriseti on embracing reality

Acceptance is the key to overcoming hardship. You must be strong enough to embrace the current situation and acknowledge that the reality will not change no matter how hard you try to control it. Ram Duriseti says to try to avoid watching the news, especially during times of stress, because ignorance can be bliss. Information on the surge in cases and fatalities can result in mental distress and unnecessary panic. You have to work towards acceptance of the global pandemic to take the necessary precautions and follow safety protocols while maintaining your mental wellbeing.

Meditate when possible

The pandemic has brought a lot of stress into many of our lives. Simple daily tasks can feel draining. Breathing is one of the fastest ways to relieve tension. When you undertake meditation and consistent exercise, your mind relaxes and releases stress. Taking slow deep breaths tells your brain to calm down. It aids your subconscious mind in resolving tension while bringing you towards tranquillity.

Strengthen and maintain your immunity

It is good to make the most of this global pandemic byparticipating in productive activities. However, you must keep a close eye on your health. Overextending yourself can be burdensome on your health and wellbeing. Keep yourself hydrated, consume nutritious food, and make time for workouts. Stay calm and keep your cool under difficult situations.

Modify your perspective

Changing your outlook can allow you to soothe your mind during challenging or distressing situations. When you encounter an unprecedented circumstance, you should view it as an opportunity to make or break yourself – to prove that you are capable of overcoming it. It is all about how you respond. Instead of panicking through a situation, take any necessary precautions, and maintain your sense of self.

Complete lockdown in many countries is a possibility. It is practical to search for ways to be productive and make the most of this time rather than succumbing to boredom. Once you learn strategies to reframe your focus, you are sure to overcome any stress.

It takes a lot of courage and perseverance to recover from mental health issues, especially during this novel coronavirus pandemic. Try not to be anxious or lose strength. You have to battle the fear it brings. Keep up your spirits and hope for a better tomorrow. Follow these simple strategies to combat any situation – after all, your control lies in your perspective.