Gurmeet Dhillon

If you don’t know about Gurmeet Dhillon, then here are some key highlights about him.

Gurmeet Singh, the founder of Gurmeet Dhillon Services and professionally known as Gurmeet Dhillon in the internet world, he first started a YouTube channel, but now he has got some other professional tags too.

Besides an Indian YouTuber, he is also known as a musical artist or an Indian author. Gurmeet Dhillon’s father Sardar Gurtej Singh is a farmer and his mother Gurwinder Kaur is a household lady. Now, after senior secondary, Gurmeet Dhillon works as a web developer.

Gurmeet Dhillon start making videos on YouTube in 2018 as a technical YouTuber. First, he uploads videos about WordPress, blogging, and tips and tricks. But after some time he was creating videos about app development and they got the audience quickly.

Now, if you search about him on YouTube then you will see his channel is verified as a musical artist. Now you might think why YouTube verified his channel as a musical artist or give him music note verification badge?

Basically, Gurmeet dhillon released his first soundtrack on Soundcloud in 2020 but after some time he released that track officially on other music streaming platforms like Google Play Music, Apple Music, YouTube Music, Spotify and many others. That’s why YouTube officially verified his channel as a musical artist.

Now Gurmeet Dhillon helps other individual artists who want to be verified on YouTube. He has helped more than 50 individual artists and now they are also verified on YouTube.