Guru Bhaneshwaranand, often called Guruji with the very polite Indian adjunct Ji, is a living enlightened master of our time, who brings spiritual inspiration, life wisdom and positive transformation to thousands of people on their personal journey to self-improvement and spiritual enlightenment. He dedicated his life to help people remove blockages, reveal illusions and to create more harmonious relationships in their lives. His most inner desire is to help people increasing the level of peace, happiness, love and fulfillment they feel in their lives by helping them overcome fear, anger and shame.

From an early life on, he has been driven to pursue spirituality. Always seeking and advancing in spirituality, he took initiation for enlightenment from his first Guru at the early age of thirteen. Through the complete mastery of his spiritual path, he became enlightened and liberated from the illusions of our world. That means he has reached the highest spiritual level a human being is able to reach while being still in a physical body. The wisdom that comes along with it enables him to support each being in their way, provide answers that serve their highest good and point up solutions in the situations they are in.

While Guru Bhaneshwaranand held the hand of is own dying Guru years ago, his Guru instructed him to pass along the wisdom of Gurus and to help whoever comes to him for help as he became a very wise Guru himself with the years. In fact, Guru Bhaneshwaranand is called the Guru of Gurus, because even other Gurus seek him for advice if need be.

Guru Bhaneshwaranand made it his life purpose to support everyone with his wisdom and knowledge at his greatest efforts and one of his main purposes is to bring more peace and love into the world and to inspire each spiritual truth seeker to start the journey within. His perspective on the workings of the universe, his insight into the depths of the human nature and the tremendous light he draws from the beyond of the beyond make Guru Bhaneshwaranand not only one of the most sophisticated thinkers of our time, but also one of the most advanced healers and spiritual teachers on the planet.

“You are that God that is the Self of all. Pure, indivisible, like the sky.
Naturally stainless. Identify yourself”