Lizzie Vince, a multiple 6-figure intuitive business and mindset coach, has a theory.

She believes that amidst COVID-19, there was a more prominent virus building upon itself…“The Hustle Pandemic” (thanks to the likes of Gary Vaynerchuck).

Due to information overload and so-called “Gurus”.

We see gurus as influencers or leaders of opinion in their niche. We know them for sharing content related to their industry that positions them as experts. Therefore, “Their millions of followers seek to follow in their footsteps, and therefore compare themselves, which can become extremely toxic”, Lizzie adds.

Lizzie says: “Most people look to gurus because they think the solution to their problems, such as scaling or growing their business, is outside of them. This is BS. The solution to your problem is inside of YOU. It’s in acknowledging and challenging your mindset. Most of the time, it has NOTHING to do with strategy”.

Lizzie advises people to: “Reject the gurus and take your life and business into your own hands.” She knows, in business, there’s not a one-size-fits-all strategy. “Stop letting gurus infiltrate your brain,” says Lizzie, “Stop comparing your chapter 1 to somebody else’s chapter 50”.

Lizzie adds: “The most sustainable and scalable marketing method is being yourself and doing things your way, so stop copying others and start doing YOU!”.

We cannot turn down the fact that the content and expertise gurus share on social media is beneficial. But, it’s all about perception, as Lizzie shares: “You don’t know what’s happening beneath the surface for these gurus. They have years of trials and tribulations behind them that have led to their success, which they rarely share, rather unfairly, and have a team of people working for them. This paints a very skewed and unrealistic image that business success is easy to achieve”.

Lizzie has some hard-hitting truth for us: “Business is not cut out for everyone. You have to TRUST yourself. You have to be COMMITTED. You have to have EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE.”

She adds: “But, people would much rather work on their business strategy than their mindset because it’s easier.”

She also says: “Interpret what the gurus say and see if it works for you, and if it doesn’t, keep testing. Gurus are there to inspire and empower, not to be mimicked and copied.”

Lizzie empowers her clients, heart-centered and soul-led coaches, to leverage their intuition, show up authentically and unapologetically, and magnetically attract their ideal client to reach $10k, $20k, and even $50k months!

NOT to copy her.

The culture that revolves around hustling and grinding has led us to, as Lizzie says, work more hours in our business than we ever did in our 9 to 5. “We started these businesses to have more freedom and manage our time how we want to”, she says.

Comparing our businesses to others’ has created this belief that we are not doing enough, building upon negative emotions like fear and guilt, which leads to stress, overwhelm, and burnout.

“This keeps us stuck in our business and actually sabotages our chances of business success”, she adds.

Lizzie shares that she watched her father work super hard to scale and grow his successful business, but that he burned out and missed out a lot of family time, which conditioned her to believe that: “You have to work super hard to have a successful business, and sacrifice everything”.

Lizzie also shares her personal experience of burnout, where she burnt out 4 times last year from comparing herself to others, never feeling like she was doing enough, hiring wounded masculine business coaches that encouraged her to push, hustle, force and grind.

It wasn’t until Lizzie hired her first mindset coach back in July that she had her first $10k month in September and then $17k in October.

But then, she dropped back to $7k in November and $2k in December, and she didn’t know why?!

She thought that she needed more strategy, which she says most coaches feel like they “need”.

But, she says: “This need for strategy comes from lack of worthiness and feeling like the solution is external, when it is internal”.

It was when Lizzie integrated divine masculine (leadership and boundaries) and divine feminine (flow and intuition) energies that she had an $150k launch in January 2021!

Lizzie is now helping her clients do the same. She is also super hands on with her clients in giving them content reviews and feedback, as she has previously had 5 years social media marketing experience, which means that they experience life-long transformation.