Lockdown Habits

When coronavirus was in the initial phase, we never expected it to last so long. For almost one year, we have been stuck in one place. Our lifestyle has completely changed, and we have adopted so many new habits like personal hygiene, healthy eating, and maintaining a good lifestyle. Have you ever wondered how our lives would be  after the lockdown is over! 

Here are a few things which will probably remain the same for most of us. 

Let’s explore what will remain still even after the lockdown. 

Personal Hygiene

We were aware of personal hygiene even before lockdown, but nobody took it as seriously as now. 

 Since the pandemic has hit the world, we have adopted the habit of washing hands regularly, wearing masks, and not touching the surfaces or the door handles. Whenever we go out for grocery shopping or touch any door handle, we wash our hands and use a good sanitiser on the  hands. We will definitely continue this habit even after the lockdown. Apart from taking a bath daily and clipping our nails, we will go out with a bottle of sanitiser in our bag.

Switching To Home Cooked Food

Most of us are happily eating homemade food. In the beginning days of lockdown, we had cravings for junk food, but somehow we have controlled such cravings and are happy with home-cooked food. Even after lockdown, we will think twice before grabbing food from outside. First, because we are worried about the hygiene of food, and second we are more concerned about our health now.

Reading Good Books

Many of us who were not very fond of reading books have started reading books or novels during the lockdown. This has become a routine  for  many of us to read a book every day. Even after lockdown, we will continue this hobby in our daily life. You can read good articles and gain more information on various topics. Apart from reading, some of us have developed an interest in writing. Some are writing the blog, poems, and diary during this lockdown phase. 

Connecting With People

Lockdown has taught us how we can connect with people efficiently even when we are at home. Through various video calling apps, we have started connecting more with our friends and relatives. It has become a favourite time pass to call our friends and share our daily thoughts. This will definitely continue even after the lockdown.

Taking Care Of Our Health

We used to be very laid back before lockdown when it comes to our health. One thing which has been positive in our lives during the lockdown is that we are getting more concerned about our health. We have already shifted to  healthy homemade food instead of junk food. We have started working out and doing yoga at home to remain fit. After lockdown, we will still remain concerned about our  health unlike before lockdown.

Working From Home

We have become very comfortable in WFH (Work From Home) policy. People are getting more job opportunities as a freelancer. Without stepping out of the house we are doing our jobs efficiently. We need not migrate from our hometown to another city in search of jobs. WFH is a good option for those who are not willing to go out to the office, and even after lockdown, it will be a hit. Various websites like StuffedAbode provides the option of writing blogs and share your thoughts with the world.

Studying Online

All those students, who used to think that the internet is just for enjoyment , their perspective must have changed during the lockdown. Online classes have changed the routine of students as well. They are learning new things online instead of wasting time on the internet. This will continue even after lockdown as we can learn new things online. 

Taking Care of Our Loved Ones

As we are living 24*7 with our families, we have developed a different kind of bond with them. We have developed a good connection with our family members. We are more concerned about their health, safety, and needs. Post lockdown, we will try to spend more quality time with our family as compared to  the pre lockdown period.

Taking Care of Our Mental Health

One thing which we used to take for granted was our mental health. During the lockdown, we have realised that our mental health is as important as our physical wellness. We have learnt how to remain positive even when the situation is worst. Many of us have developed the habit of meditating; giving half an hour for our mental health is a must. We will continue it even after lockdown because as it says “Health is Wealth.”

Learning Something New

During the lockdown, we got enough spare time to learn something new. We tried our hands on trying new recipes, decorating our home, starting our YouTube channel, and even starting an online course. This has not only increased our knowledge, but we have also learned a new skill. We will never go out of work even after lockdown if we continue our habit of learning something new.

Controlling Expenses

One of the best changes we have experienced is that we have limited our expenses and spending wisely. We have realised the value of money in this phase. Now we think twice before overspending. This is one of the best habits we have adopted. It will be amazing if we continue it further as well. 

Less Dependency

We were so dependent on our maids and servants for  work which we can easily do ourselves now . Lockdown has changed us in the  manner that we have become more active as compared to  the phase before lockdown. From cleaning our room to washing our clothes, we have done it all. We have learnt to do our work on our own instead of being dependent on someone.


So these were some of the good habits which we have adopted during the coronavirus lockdown. We will definitely continue it post lockdown as it has become a part of our routine.