healthy life

Is living a healthier and happier life possible? Yes, it is possible. Everyone has a different perspective and version of true happiness. However, regardless of a person’s version of true happiness, living a happier and more satisfying life is within reach. All he/she needs to do is a few tweaks to their regular habits. It can help them to get there.

Always remember happiness does not happen by chance, but it happens with the right choice. Anyone can develop this skill with healthy habits. Habits matter a lot. Just like bad habits, good habits are engrained too. So, why should not one work on making positive habits a part of their daily routine?

Here is a quick look at some habits that help one kick start their quest.

  1. Activate Your Life

Exercise is not only good for the body, but regular exercise can help to reduce stress, anxiety, and symptoms of depression. It boosts self-esteem and happiness. So, one should include physical activity in daily routine. One can take a walk around his/her building every night after dinner. Even one can join some yoga class or play his/her favourite sport. One can also walk to work instead of driving. Therefore, the basic idea here is one should not merely sit all day, as it is unhealthy for both body and mind. As per the study, 15 minutes of exercise/day can help a person achieve benefits that can add 3 years of life.

2. Eat a Well-Balanced Diet

One should include more vitamin-packed food in his/her regular diet plan. These foods not only keep a person healthier but also keep them more energetic. So, one should eat plenty of healthy plant foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and beans. It can lower the risk of various common diseases.

3. Sleep Tight

Sleep is an essential component of health. During sleep, a person’s body rests, regenerates, and produces crucial hormones necessary for psychological processes. One should at least take 6 to 8 hours of sound sleep per day. This sound sleep provides a chance for the brain to carry out housekeeping tasks like organizing long-term memory, incorporating new information, and repairing and renewing cells and tissues. So, one should develop a good sleeping pattern.

4. Drink Enough Water

Staying hydrated keeps a person’s liver hale and hearty. It helps a liver to function at full capacity. Drinking enough water removes toxins that, if not removed from the body then can harm the liver. Because of all these, symptoms of liver diseases develop and even in the worst case, liver transplant need arises.

5. Follow Consistent Healthy Habits for MIND

If a person wants to keep his/her mind healthy and happy, starting to meditate is probably one of the best habits he/she can develop in his/her life. It can give a person increased focus, better memory, and emotional resilience. So, one should start a daily meditation practice. Even 1 minute every day is suitable for a start, but one should follow it consistently. In addition, one can lighten up his/her self by playing with friends and family. One should party hard and get a little crazy. It is completely OK for a person if he/she is not taking self too seriously all the time. One should always remember it is always good to own less stuff. So, keep the list short. One should always keep in mind the following things

  • Too many choices can make a person unhappy.
  • Too much activity distracts a person and makes him/her feel stress that ultimately prevents any real fulfilment.
  • Overeating makes a person fat and destroys health.

So, one should keep his/her life simple. Simpler life = happier life.

6. Practice The Following Habits for Daily Life

A person can follow some good daily habits to improve his/her mental and physical health.

  • One should moderate alcohol intake and try to quit smoking. Having too much alcohol consumption and smoking can be the reason for liver, heart, and pancreatic diseases. Smoking is unhealthy, and it can lead to disease and early death. It is never too late to quit any bad habits. As per the study, a person who quits smoking by age 35 may prolong their life by up to 8.5 years.
  • One should spend some time in nature daily by taking a walk in the wild, starting a home vegetable garden, and getting some sun on the face. It helps a person’s body to produce vitamin D that many people have a deficiency.
  • One should try to be social and nurture his/her close relationships. Being in physical contact with someone is an automatic stress reliever. Hugs and holding hands of a loved one are therapeutic for both people.
  • One should even explore his/her spirituality and enliven traditions. The feeling of not being alone is a huge confidence booster. So, one can plan holidays to continue family traditions and to start some of their own.

Concluding Remarks

Good health is no accident, but it is a result of following constant healthy habits. Developing these healthy habits now will ensure one that he/she not only live longer but live well. Concisely, this blog is outlining some good personal habits that can positively affect a person’s emotional state and level of energy.

To live a healthy and happy life, one does not require a lot of money or time; all he/she needs is just a little desire and motivation. If one is trying to lead a healthier, happier life, he/she should make the above-discussed necessary changes. However, at the same time, one should make sure he/she does not deplete his/her emotional health while he/she work to improve physical health.