Why I Had to Give Up A Million Things To Get My Millions Back

We have conditioned from a young age that money is the answer to all our problems. Whether it’s getting that new bike at the age of eight years old or your first car at sixteen. Our mind is bombarded with out of reach materialistic candy 24/7. At our core, we are simple beings. However our wants far outpace our needs. What are we chasing? Money or happiness? Is there an end to this chase or is it a never-ending race?

Everyone has a different reason to want money. Some just want to pay the bills every month, and some want to take over the world. It all depends how deeply your reason is attached to your emotions. Many billionaires watched their parents struggle, working multiple jobs just to send them to school. Leaving some type of emotional scar which pushes them in life to make sure their family never has to worry about money ever again.

I was overweight from a young age. Society made me out to be a black sheep by treating me like I didn’t belong for being different. Needless to say, this hurt me deeply as I was only a child. Little did I know that its this type of emotional scars that create the deep want for money. Thinking that it solves all your problems. For me, it was going to give me power, and everything that came with it to get back at every person that was mean to me.  I thought about money, dreamed about it and talked about it. Every time I was picked on for being fat or dissed by a girl, all I could think about is how I’ll show them.

School of Hard knocks 

I didn’t care much about school as it wasn’t going to get me closer to being a millionaire at the time. I would ditch class and go test drive new cars. I remember sneaking out of my parents home in the middle of the night at the age of 16 to go to the casino with a friend to gamble. I would dress up to look older and talk my way in. Little did I know I was already enrolled in the school of hard knocks. I learned how to get what I wanted by becoming a smooth talker.

The guidance counselor called my parents in and said I was a problem child. He said I wouldn’t do much in life other than getting in trouble. He implemented a system so that I had to have each teacher sign off on a timetable sheet so that I wouldn’t skip any classes.

I had enough of school and the system. These school kids didn’t care about hustling or making money. While my peers were all about chasing the opposite sex and trying to look good. I did the opposite and started my first bricks and mortar business at the age of 17. As the song goes I had my mind on my money and my money on my mind. I wasn’t going to waste any time getting that money.

If Your Mind Can Conceive It Your Mind Can Achieve It

I went through many ups and downs in life since those early entrepreneur days. However, one thing I can say is that I did it. I hustled and made millions. Not once not twice but three times I lost my whole fortune in the millions and had to start all over.

I was doing it all for the wrong reasons. Along with more money comes more problems. When your why is so shallow as to get back at society for being mean to you, you’re sure enough to fall into the vices that come with this great problem solver. There is a whole list ranging from women, drugs, alcohol to materialistic things. 

Listen to any successful person and they all have stories of the illusion that comes along with money. It’s all fake they say. Almost as if none of it is real while it’s happening and that it will all flash before your eyes when it blows up. The third time I lost my fortune and everything that came along with it like fake friends, and the wife in my case. It finally clicked in and I realized that this is all an illusion. I’ve done the same thing three times over with the same result.

When you’re why is not meaningful, your outcome can never be sustainable. I had to study my patterns and ask myself why are you doing this? You’re not happy and you’re not being fulfilled. Half of your life is gone and I have done nothing of value to leave behind when I am gone. This left me to look for answers.

Become The Student and Life Will Send The Teacher

I took a year off from life to do some searching. I cut out everything that wasn’t serving my growth. This included every so-called friend.  When you decide to become the student the teacher appears in your life. A great mentor came on my journey just as I needed the guidance.

The changes started with a daily meditation practice. I had a deep thirst for knowledge which led me to the right books almost as though they were divinely sent. Each book was exactly the information I was looking for at that time, unveiling the next piece of the puzzle. Things started happening from within me. I became a vegan overnight having to be a meat eater all my life. I quit alcohol cold turkey. I even began a raw food diet. I cannot explain to this day where all these new habits and rituals came from.

I began to eat sleep and talk the information that I was devouring. Without knowing it, I was an extremely happy person without any of the flashy candy in my life. Happy in the simplicity of life. People were gravitating to my energy. They would ask me questions like how are you so positive and happy all the time?

I had changed right from the core of my being as though I was a completely different person. People were taking my teachings and applying them in their life and getting results. Even my family couldn’t explain my transformation. My sister is a clinical physiologist and she said she had never seen such a case.

There are two days in life that stand out the most. The day you were born and the day you know why. I had found my meaningful why. I knew I still wanted to build an empire. However this time I was going to inspire as many people as I can on the way. Showing them that if I can change so can they.

With this new found life came new opportunities. My mind and body worked together. One of the greatest leadership techniques is to lead by example. Like attracts like, and as minded people came into my life from all parts of the world. Today we are doing business in multiple continents in different verticals with amazing souls.

The journey of an entrepreneur is one of self-development. Creating a new stronger version of yourself along the way with the adversities that are given. Embrace your failures and grow from them. Know that life happens for you and not against you. Looking back I can connect the dots of why I went through each experience. I wouldn’t change a thing. Have belief in yourself and trust in the universe.