North Carolina raised Haider Ali Naeem is the founder of Glory Digital Marketing Agency, a North / South Carolina agency now known for its 1-1 top of the range services, serving the local businesses, startups, and large franchises of Carolina, USA looking to predictably increase business profits despite the pandemic. Haider took the state’s businesses by storm after lending a helping hand to a small failing business in his nearby NC area.

Founder Haider Ali Naeem is a 21-year-old marketing virtuoso who discovered he had a knack for entrepreneurship since single-digit age after purchasing and reselling sneakers, kicks, or just shoes for the British readers throughout middle school and part of high school – that was until his parents brought his booming teenage business to a halt ensuring he focused on his school work. 

That he did studying finance at UNC Charlotte until his sophomore year where he received an internship opportunity in Greensboro, NC at Volvo Trucks North America Headquarters, Haider took the opportunity whilst shifting his studies online, after his internship ended due to Covid-19, stating that he was devastated as he loved his work. Due to this Haider had vast amounts of time on his hands being his finance studies were online and he had no work now, meaning, no income, which led to the investment within a digital marketing program, more specifically – web development, digital advertising, digital trends, and SEO, a total of $10,000+ was invested by Haider not only into this particular program, but a variety of elite-level coaches, mentors, and of course some solid books – Haider is a bit of a bookworm. 

Haider growing up in North Carolina decided to test his skills close to waters serving his local community after witnessing the struggle and closure of businesses due to COVID-19, businesses he was even a customer of. Haider offered a helping hand as a favor for a small failing business in his nearby area building a system for them to predictably draw in profits even with a global pandemic taking place and hitting NC hard, creating a pandemic proof sales vacuum for them with systems built to stand the test of time.

Due to the success and now no longer small failing business, it was recommended Haider continue to help the state, this initiating the opening of Glory Digital Marketing Agency with now clientele across the whole 48,711 sq ft of North Carolina / 32,020 sq ft of South Carolina and nationwide from local business owners to large franchises – you may know a few or even purchase from them and Haider may have been the man behind driving you to become a customer.  

Today, we spoke with Haider as he provided 3 simple, yet highly important tips for local businesses, startups, and franchises in the state of Carolina, USA, or perhaps nationwide to grow, but more importantly financially thrive throughout their existence: 

Here’s precisely what Haider said: 

Tip 1: Social media is not only pictures and emojis.

Social Media should be taken as a real representation of your brand, and almost seen as a landing page – not just where you post pictures from last Saturday’s night out. Make sure you know your target audience to a T, engage with those people and post in their language and style. Pay attention to trends that are happening in your marketplace, on and off Facebook. Talk to your customer. Always make sure you’re responding to comments and messages so that you are always in the forefront of your potential clients. 

2. Different doesn’t mean conversions. 

Don’t focus so much about making your website and landing pages different. Differentiate your brand by making it unique in terms of what you strive for and how you want your brand to be seen, but not in the layout of your site. For example – cars look amazing, they each have their own look, but all cars still have the same layout and foundation, doors on the sides, wheels and headlights. Without these the car isn’t functional and wouldn’t be seen as a car.

3. Never “Boost” or “Promote” posts.

Boosting posts on Facebook or Instagram will only get you likes, comments, shares but rarely bring clients through the door. This is because these boosted posts probably aren’t targeted, therefore don’t resonate with the targeted market, plus don’t have a clear call to action, meaning that even if there was traffic coming through the boosted post, there is nothing clear for them to take action on. Running ads, depending on the particular business, can vary but the goal shouldn’t be to solely get likes and comments. It should mainly be to gain clientele, or for high ticket business models, to generate targeted leads to nurture into clients. 

If you’re operating out of North or South Carolina, you can meet with Haider at @haidernaeeem on Instagram here.