Whether you are just starting out as an entrepreneur or are facing some of the hardest choices of your career thus far, the anxiety you may often face is all too real. Thankfully, so are the ways you can overcome that anxiety and get yourself back on the right track once again.

Stop and Think

The worst thing you can do when you’re trapped by your anxiety is allow it to entrap you even further by wallowing in inaction. Anxiety breeds on the innumerable “what ifs” that can fester in your brain if you dwell on them. On the other hand, plowing right ahead as though nothing was wrong can also allow these anxieties to build up as well. As with so much in life, the first step to solving your anxiety problem is admitting you have one in the first place. Stop, think, and identify what’s making you anxious and why.

Take Time to Relax

Another common mistake people make when confronting workplace anxiety is not to confront it but try and “outrun” it by working nonstop. While you may think that keeping busy is the best way to keep from thinking about all the things that make you anxious, in reality, you’re just wearing yourself out, which will make the crash even worse when it comes – and it will. We all need breaks. We all need time to relax and recharge. Give yourself time to rest and regenerate.

Catastrophizing Situations

Not everything is a catastrophe. Even if you’re frustratingly “good” at thinking of “the worst-case scenario,” that doesn’t mean it’ll happen. Plan for problems and failures, but don’t fall into the trap of fixating on them.

Going Too Fast

Paradoxically, sometimes we need to slow down before we can speed up. If you feel overwhelmed by your pace of work, try slowing down or handing the ball off to someone else on your team.

Doing Everything at Once

You’re only one person. You can’t be everywhere or do everything at once. Make priorities, make plans, and stick to them.

Don’t let workplace anxiety be a barrier to the progress you’ve been chasing.