Hani Zeini

To look after your wellness and wellbeing during the pandemic, you must pay attention to your mental health. Mental health depends largely on physical health. The patterns in the mind determine physical health. Having a healthy mind is just as important as having a healthy body. When you are in the right frame of mind, you are in control of yourself. This enables you to filter out negative thoughts in order to focus on positive ones. Unfortunately, for the time being, the mind is under massive stress during this pandemic as we struggle to adjust to new ways of life. Such restrictions rob us of simple pleasures, like a stroll in the park with friends. The restrictions of home confinement and physical distancing are difficult for most, and make life more of a struggle, says Hani Zeini.

To ensure your wellness and wellbeing, you have to overcome the uncertainty that engulfs us. Be kind to your mind so that you can work your way towards maintaining a healthy life.

Hani Zeini: Direct your mind towards the right places

To support your wellbeing, you must be able to direct your mind to the right places by having the strength to navigate your thoughts and emotions. Think of your mind as a bowl of water. You can pour this water into any vessel you choose. To make this happen, you must have a calm mind and a steady hand to make the right choices and pour it in the right direction. Learn to listen to your mind with discretion by pushing away anything that seems negative. Practicing meditation and yoga can help train your mind to be more receptive and responsive to what you truly need to pay attention to so that it can guide you in the right direction.

Practice gratitude

Having control of your mind will allow you to maintain discretion in noticing things that are positive in our lives instead of harboring negative thoughts arising from things that are upsetting.  You can start this practice by thinking about what you have and what you are grateful for. If it seems challenging to list the good things you have going for you, an alternative method is to imagine what it would be like if things were worse. For instance, being able to spend more time with your family and kids is indeed a bright spot that probably would not have happened without this pandemic. We even have more time to spend with ourselves whilst getting comfortable with who we truly are.

Release stress and tension

The body accumulates stress and negative energy throughout the day. As such, you must vent it out daily. Detach yourself from the things that keep you busy, and enter a state of stillness so that you can view yourself from a distance. Practice slow breathing by inhaling air through your nose for four seconds as the belly expands and rises. Count to eight your mind while you exhale from the mouth. Pause briefly, and repeat the cycle three times. Breathing exercises are a great way to meditate.

Another way to release stress is to stay away from technology. Spend time with your family, or practice self-care with a bath or a book. Take care of your relationships and express the love you feel to others that boosts your wellbeing.