I nearly refrained from taking a screenshot no matter how near I came simply because of my allowance of the moment to stand perfectly still within itself and on its own, telling an epic story.

Kerry Ann and Michael gracefully posed as husband and wife for the first time, immediately raising their fists in the air, in a perfect unison whilst excitedly joining the encircled ‘Black Lives Matter’ protest crowd hand in hand, in a town uniquely called ‘The City Of Brotherly Love.’ 

Oh the irony.

She radiated, glistened, shined even, in a gorgeously elegant, sophisticated, flowy, beautiful white wedding gown ready to greet her groom with the seal of a kiss post vows amidst greatly repetitive, wonderful, supportive, happy cheers.

A beloved newlywed couple officially slated their footprint into the history books with the hopes of symbolizing not only a statue or a monument, but also eventually, a positive movement dedicated towards the actions of plentiful forward progress and change.

Another ‘picture that is worth a thousand words’ captures the overwhelming sentiment of Washington D.C.’s mayor, Muriel Bowser and ‘Civil Rights’ activist, pioneer John Lewis partaking in the artistic views of ‘Pennsylvania Avenue’s’ newest installation, a mural, representing today’s must needed conversation, on a grand, national, illustrious scale, ‘Black Lives Matter Plaza.’

The extraordinarily smart vision of a shy, quiet, yet outgoing, uplifting Minneapolis native six year old girl does not go unnoticed, lending more than just a hand, rather, a meaningful sign and a direct connection to a fellow youth sharing the same name, Gianna, only unfortunately left with an empty void and an opportunity to not ever once change the world, paving the way for dreamers to become female sports stars or more. That statement is nothing short of effective. What one started, the other finishes, the definition of a role model.