Loving what we do, better controlling our emotions, having the will to do well. Here are some of my methods I’ve developed to take advantage of each situation.

Now that happiness at work is topical, that companies have invented the job position of a “Happiness Manager,” I tackle this great subject which has been dear to me for a long time with more spontaneity and as much conviction.

10 principles to start positively

I have been asked to comment on the 10 tops and downs of happiness at work, so I do it openly and with pleasure. And to start positively, here are the ten principles that, for me, will help make you happier in your job .

  1. Be present to what you are doing now: you will gain in efficiency by concentrating your intelligence, your creativity and your know-how.
  2. Have the will to do what you do well: you will gain self-satisfaction, refine your expertise and develop the feeling of using your time better.
  3. Ask yourself the question of the meaning of what you are doing : you will gain motivation and your sense of usefulness will increase.
  4. If you don’t do what you love, try to love what you do: you will never regret giving your best, even for a task without appreciable pleasure.
  5. If you don’t work with the people you love , try to love the people you work with: you will lose less energy in conflicts and keep your heart at peace.
  6. Take the time to take stock of what you need to do: you will gain foresight and will more easily put the essentials first.
  7. Start by doing what is most painful for you: you will reduce the pressure of deadlines and spend less time thinking about what you don’t like.
  8. Take the time to breathe and to use your senses: you will relativize your work in relation to life.
  9. End your day by noting a point of satisfaction : this will allow you to join yours in a more positive spirit.
  10. Listen to the one who speaks to you by seeking to learn and to understand: you will enrich yourself while valuing the one who listens to you.

10 principles on what to avoid

To complete these ten principles that spring to mind, here are ten recommendations for me on what to avoid.

  1. Do not try to be right and impose your point of view on others: you will lose energy unnecessarily and risk creating a negative synergy in the team.
  2. Do not compare yourself to others: you will end up crying over your fate and feeling bitterness.
  3. Beware of systematic criticism even if it itches you: it spreads like poison in the work atmosphere and demobilizes you.
  4. Don’t imagine a better future : just do it.
  5. Do not regret your past with nostalgia: move forward with hope.
  6. Do not feel guilty about your failures: learn from them and draw the line.
  7. Don’t think it’s impossible: trust your gut.
  8. Do not fall into work turmoil but do what is most important to you.
  9. Don’t blame the other: take your share of responsibility.
  10. Don’t burn out at work because no one will thank you: take the time to recharge your batteries and remember that the most important thing in your job is you.