Now hopefully you are experiencing a ridiculous visual of a person on a massage table with kale leaves instead of hot stones 🙂 

made you smile though?

So about that Kale massage happiness 

mindfulness is the seed of sustaining happy feelings

I found myself one evening totally happy singing in the kitchen while I massaged water through kale leaves and thought to myself 

“wow it really is this simple” and 

“wow I was actually in a miserable corporate job and uncomfortable living situation” but there I was totally happy because I was in the moment.

in the moment..thats where you find happiness! I wasnt ruminating about how someone tried to sabbotage my work that day and I wasnt worrying about how I was going to find a new job and house…I was just there with my full attention on preparing the food thanking the mother earth for growing it, thanking the water…these are the gifts that a mindfulness practice will bring to your life …so much awareness and appreciation in everyday moments.

just ask yourself why you havent started practicing yet?

Honestly…I give this example (though I have many others) to display that a state of happiness is a state of mind not circumstancial. 

Having a practice…having little rituals in your daily routine where you continue to be in the could be knitting or martial arts its all mindful awareness. It all activates your pre frontal cortex to shift you away from anxious, stressed and fear based amygdala driven to focus, empathy, compassion and clear decision making. 

Only you can practice getting into this this state..its not outside of you, conscious awareness is not out there in some pill or product…this is inner resourcefulness..this good stuff expands your sense of empowerment and overall optimal wellbeing to THRIVE

classic Buddhist philosophy says 

“dont go looking for happiness outside of yourself…you will never find it”

Investing in mastering your mind by learning an awareness practice is one the greatest things you can do for yourself and this world..because the more at peace you are in everyday life..the more peace there is rippling out to the whole world. 

I truly wish you everyday happiness like a kale massage x

what moment are you having right now?