Do you ever feel like your life is just flying by?

Like your days, weeks, and months are passing by in a blur?

And you wonder…

“Where does the time go?”

Perhaps you’ve even thought to yourself…

“What am I doing with my life?”

That feeling we have all experienced from time to time, of being separate, different, not fitting in….it’s an illusion. When we find the courage to share the hard stuff, get vulnerable, get real and sometimes get raw, we can come together, think better and move forward.

There was a point in my life, when I chose to live in darkness. My spirit was dim. My light was dull. I was selfish and self centered to the core. I couldn’t find a way out of my destruction. I felt stagnant. My life wasn’t progressing the way I imagined it was supposed to. Everything felt challenging. Everything felt like a chore. My energy was non existent. I certainly wasn’t taking care of myself. I wasn’t sleeping enough. I wasn’t eating enough. I wasn’t getting outside in nature. I wasn’t grateful for anything. I felt like the world and everyone on it was against me.

“Breakdowns lead to breakthroughs.”

After years of apathy, my world shifted. I had a moment of clarity. I had a “Happiness Wake up Call”.

I share my experience because I think it’s important to recognize that it IS possible to make a living doing something that inspires you. It IS possible to LOVE your work and it IS possible that your work can be a reflection of your state of being and an outward expression of your internal world. This journey I share week by week is my own personal journey of self discovery and how I have made it my life’s work to bring every aspect of my personal, spiritual, professional and emotional state of being into alignment.

I refuse to let anyone tell me that I can’t live a life that is full and colorful and purposeful and inspired. I chase my dreams with unbridled abandon because I know no other way. I share my experience, strength and hope with you here and I hope that you’ll take action in your own life, if you’re feeling like something is missing…. This is your happiness wake up call!!! Welcome! 

For those who may be new to this blog, my name is Molly. I’m the founder of this lil’ family run business I call Wylder Space. I designed Wylder Space as a reflection of all the things I deem of value in this life. It’s a vision based around good friends, good food and making memories with the people I love.

In order to build a thriving business, my number one priority every day is to be the best version of myself that I can be.

This is me, cookin’ away. Doin’ what I do, everyday. Cooking is my craft, writing feeds my spirit and connecting with people on a very REAL level is what it’s all about for me. Authenticity and real, meaningful connection.

Without further ado- I’m sharing 3 tips to pull yourself up by the bootstraps and rally.

  1. Make a decision. I have come to learn the hard way that happiness is an inside job. It’s not something you can buy. Nobody can give it to you. I HATED it when people would try to cheer me up. (Just let me sit in my own self pity for crying out loud) Happiness is one of those things you have to want. It’s a choice. It’s an opportunity to look at circumstances in your life and find the silver lining. It’s an opportunity for growth. It’s an opportunity to make sense of the challenges you’re faced with and recognize “how” those things are helping you on your path to remembering who you are and what you’re here to do.
  2. Find the courage to take the journey alone. When you’re at an all time low, when you feel alone, when you’re sitting in darkness, when you’re isolated and depressed and feel like a shell of a human it’s rare that you’ll find a buddy to take the journey into self love with. More than likely, you’re going to need to find the courage to take this walk alone. It’s going to require looking in a mirror and not always liking what you see. It’s going to require making the necessary adjustments to change the things you don’t like. It’s going to require forgiving yourself. It’s going to require sitting with things that you’re not proud of or that you’re embarrassed about. This is the deep inner work that nobody can do for you. It’s an inside job that takes a tremendous amount of courage.
  3. Press on: The biggest things that hold ALL of us back are: indecision, complacency, staying stagnant and lukewarm, half-hearted, uninspired, simply-not-gonna-get the job done… action.

We complain about not knowing the way.

We complain about not getting a response for that opportunity we want.

We get complacent when we don’t get what we want, and sometimes we stop right there and don’t think about what could be a more effective way. Far worse, we stop altogether and give up.

Focus on Taking Action

“The only thing worse than starting something and failing… is not starting something.” — Seth Godin

I like to share my dreams with the universe. I keep them in this God box I made.

I’m a small town girl going for a big dream. By golly, I refuse to have regrets about wishing I would have shot for the moon when I was young. I refuse to look back at my life and see a calendar filled with empty years because I was too scared to step out of my comfort zone, or chase my dreams and do what sets my heart on fire. Life is too short. I have bigger and better problems these days: I don’t feel like a lifetime is enough time to do all the things I dream about accomplishing.

I’d say that is a world apart from when I was on track to nowhere fast just a few short years ago.

I’d love to hear about your Happiness Wake Up Call. Please share your experiences in the comment section below.

Cheers you wonderful peeps! I sure do love working with you and cooking with you and sharing this journey in discovery with you.