Sometimes, it is difficult to discover your purpose if you don’t go through some life phases. This is the perception of Chad Ehlers after he found himself as a social media influencer, even though he started his life as a registered nurse. He influences lives differently from the regular social media influencer you might have in mind.

As happy as he used to be when he was still a young lad, Chad Ehlers’ selflessness would see him support people to make them better. One common factor between Chad’s occupations as a social media influencer and working as a nurse is that he motivates people and tries to put a smile on their faces. His love for music as a child made it possible for him to achieve this.

Founding the Chad Change Movement came as a result of different life challenges that he encountered. He became homeless at 17 years old. The most challenging part was that he had a three-month-old daughter that he was taking care of later down the road.

His former wife’s death, which came due to depression and suicidal thoughts, didn’t help matters. He had to take care of his child while he also worked to make ends meet. This was the turning point for Chad. Since he couldn’t save his wife, he became determined to save lives across the world.

According to Chad, there is no such thing as miraculous success. A man must have gone through a series of life tests before attaining it. It was based on this he concluded that failure and success move hand in hand. 

After Chad’s movement was running, his youngest daughter was diagnosed with leukemia. His daughter needs his attention and he still keeps the Chad Change Movement (CCM) functioning simultaneously. Although he acknowledged this as his biggest challenge, Chad is usually happy whenever he gets positive remarks from people.

Being able to save people’s lives through his movement brings happiness that overshadows whatever challenges he faces in the process. His mode of operating is simple and effective. Chad teaches different dances using the Zoom platform. The motive behind this is to get closer to people personally to enable him to put a smile on their faces.

Chad’s advice to people who would like to start something new is to start as early as possible. Contemplating will only make you regret not taking action. He advises that divulging too much personal information about yourself might be used by the antagonist to hurt you.

Today, Chad Ehlers has the Chad Change Movement functioning perfectly, with 440+ positive influencers going around 19 different groups with 10 distinct support troops. The mission is to create awareness and provide adequate support to help people in all different situations.