There were two fire fighters who went in a forest to put out a small fire. When they came back one of the man’s face was dirty while the other man’s face was completely clean. Now the question is: which of the two will clean his face? The answer is the dirty face man will see his fellow and will assume his face is clean too and the man with clean face will think that his face would be dirty as his mate and need a wash.  (Zahir- Paulo coelho)

That’s how a relationship is between husband and wife. We see our reflection in each other’s eyes. We help build up each other’s personality.

Self love no doubt exists but from our very first day in this world we look ourselves from other’s eyes.  And at one point every woman see herself through someone else eyes. Similarly every girls dream is to find a person who find goodness in them, adore them and cherish that beauty whole life. Making them believe that they look perfect the way they are; give them the confidence to stand out in a crowd. And here I do not mean to lie because I see those pathetic jokes of husband and wives and encouraging husbands to keep their wives happy at any cost.

There are many ways to mend someone’s mistakes and tell them the truth what is helpful without hurting someone’s feelings because that’s what a relationship should be; healthy, helpful and with pure love. Because at the end it’s just not only for her; it’s also for your kids, your home and for you. If she will be confident and satisfied with herself not only she can take good decisions but also will raise good humans for the world.