Often, we succumb to the outer situations in our lives. Our body and mind fall prey to the forces of nature which are practically uncontrollable, and at times, unavoidable. Why do we adapt ourselves to the happenings in our vicinity so easily? Well, it’s all got to do with the mind and soul, and not the outer world.

It is your reaction to the situation

Majority of times, we blame our external environment for the frame of mind which we are in. It’s so easy to say that “I am happy because this happened, or I am sad because that happened.” But what if this had not happened? How would an event or incident lead to my being happy or sad?

Life’s perspective

It’s imperative to draw a distinction between

  • Wants,
  • Desires
  •  Goals
  • Our ultimate aim in life.

We human beings tend to fine tune ourselves with whatever life offers to us, be it failure, success or winning a sweepstake. It’s natural for us to respond positively towards things which are meant to be celebrated. For example – Passing an exam, getting your favourite bike, getting a date fixed, or even meeting an old friend.

On the contrary, a bad circumstance or an incident leads to dullness and depression. We tend to over think and procrastinate every small thing.  Other’s words and feelings affects our mental state of mind so much so to change our behaviour and actions. Ask yourself. When do you get sad or hurt? When somebody close tells you or does something unexpected, when you’re not able to reach your target in spite of hard work, when you face financial problems? When did you last experience true happiness?

But the paramount question is that why do we attach our happiness to the occurrence of an event, or a person, or an object? This is like putting a condition to our well-being. True happiness is the situation of bliss, irrespective of our outward peripherals. What if I say that you can experience this situation of bliss every moment, every minute of your life? Life will be so much more interesting. There will be something to look forward to every single day. Problems will exist. They are bound to exist.  Everybody has to go through them.

True happiness can only be experienced when we start to discover ourselves. When you know that you have a purpose in life, and you start valuing that purpose. This happiness is eternal, and unconditional. Whatever may come and go the sense of liveliness and joy never recedes.  It is beyond any physical or psychological bonds. And it is this sense of bliss which helps us face our problems with utmost cheerfulness. When we realize the fact that we have nothing to lose in this beautiful world, one starts facing every problem as a challenge, and walks through every phase of life with a smile on his face.