Digital marketing is one of the most important tools of the 21st century. With everyone online in one way or another, it is important for businesses and people to build their brand online just as much as in person. Ben Deveran and his company, Next Wave Marketing are here to help with your digital marketing needs.

“I’ve successfully built an online business that services people across the globe. I love what I do and am one of the leading experts in my field. My brand represents helping businesses establish their Digital Presence online so that their success and story is shared. My company Next Wave Marketing, has all the resources that you’d need to build your brand in 2020.” Says Ben.

Ben began his business in order to help businesses build their online presence on platforms such as Instagram. Though Next Wave Marketing is relatively new, having been created in 2019, it has taken off. In 2020, the company is shifting course to Public Relations. 

“My business Next Wave Marketing began in 2019, for the first year of our company we primarily helped people grow their personal brands on Instagram and other social media platforms. Going into 2020, we’ve taken a shift into Public Relations or something we like to call Ego Marketing. We’re helping individuals and businesses build their google presence for consumer retention. In other words, we’re building what appears when consumers google our customers online. Making sure that they’re represented with high ranking Publications that will give their customers the confidence to work with them.” Explains Ben. 

Ben did not learn all of these skills by himself though. He has a lot of help along the way including help from his mentor and customer, Cory Jean. Cory helps Ben by giving him tips along the way to help better his business. 

“One of my Favorite mentors is also one of my clients, his name is Cory Jean. Cory has taught me a lot of valuable lessons about business. There’s so many little bread crumbs he’s dropped me that have single handedly been the difference between a deal closed or not. From simple catch phrases to thresholds and pain points, he’s one of the best. I’ve also learned some valuable lessons from him in terms of finance, including what he believes to be the key to financial freedom.” Recounts Ben. 

Along with Cory’s helpful tips, Ben also prioritizes having a company that puts customers first. Though the money is a factor as with all companies, it is crucial to Ben that his customers leave satisfied with his digital marketing services. This, above all else, has been the crucial work mindset that has allowed Ben to succeed. 

“Business is so much more than a sale. Of course, we’re all in business because we want to make money and live our lifestyles, but outside of that we’re in business to provide value and give our customers a great experience. We want our customers to leave after working with us feeling amazing, something that they’ll never forget. When you focus on this, you’ll see your bottom line will grow and your customers will become advocates.” Ben advises.

His hard working mindset has led Ben to experience some problems with burnout, which he says comes with working in a business environment like this one. It has truly affected all aspects of Ben’s life. Because of this, he actively strives to find a work-life balance that allows him to take time away from work and have time alone. 

“My most painful experience in Entrepreneurship is definitely burnout. With burnout comes a lot of other things, usually those include stuffing down how you feel mentally, your fitness, sleep, spirit and so much more. It is a terrible feeling. It’s one of those things that you have to experience once in your life to understand. It’s a mistake I’ll never make a second time, the simplest way to stop burnout is to reset daily and take time to do things you love non-work related.” Recommends Ben.

Despite the hard work and burnout, Ben has continued to move forward. As of right now, his company is working on new projects to offer more streamlined services for those wishing to use their online services.

“We are working on building a new service offering that will be launching in the near future. We will be offering streamlined services to the Marketplace that will revolutionize our industry. We’re currently working on automating our technical input which will allow us to be able to stay connected with our customers like never before.” Ben stated.

If you would like to find out more about Ben, you can follow him on instagram @bendeveran_, and you can check out his website Next Wave Marketing at