Harish Paruchuri, a data scientist of Indian origin, is a great example of how difficult decisions can be life changing. Harish was born and raised in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh in a typical service class family. His father worked as a State Government Engineer and his mother, a homemaker who looked after Harish and his younger sister. Life was nothing less than fun until 8th grade because he studied at a local school, Kakatiya Public School, in his neighborhood. He was a brilliant student who scored great marks right from the beginning and enjoyed participating in extracurricular activities too.

However, this is when he had to make the first difficult decision of his life, to relocate to another city as his hometown didn’t have a respectable secondary school. Harish decided to move to a neighboring city where he completed his secondary education from a boarding school – Bhashyam Public School with an impressive 91%. In junior college, he further improved his score and got 92.7%. He obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Koneru Lakshmaiah College of Engineering.

Harish loves to play basketball and cricket. During college, he enthusiastically participated in several extracurricular activities and received a Certificate of Achievement for basketball. He also participated in inter-college events including quizzes, cultural festivals and acted in films with social messages. He volunteered for providing medical supplies and care to the elderly in a nearby village under HOPE, an organization managed by his college. Harish was abundantly appreciated for his initiative and leadership by the college’s managerial board.

For his college project, Harish developed a voice recorder that could store up to an hour of voice recordings and a UPS, providing backup in the event of power failure. His project “Optimizing Voice Recognition Using Various Techniques” it is published in CIIT International Journal for Digital Signal Processing.

After completing his degree, Harish got an opportunity to work with Advansoft International Ltd as a Software Engineer in Hyderabad. Yet again, he had to move out of his comfort zone and relocate to Hyderabad where he gained valuable industry insight for more than a year. After spending some time learning the intricacies of the trade, he realized that a master’s degree would do wonders for his professional growth. He promptly decided to pursue a Master’s Degree in Computer Engineering. He moved to the USA and graduated from University of Houston-Clear Lake with an outstanding GPA of 3.69 and has been working with top US multinational corporations.

Harish is a naturally gifted and talented professional who achieved success as an outcome of the choices he made. He wasn’t reluctant to move out of his comfort zone or working his fingers to the bone and as a result, he is a highly respected data scientist in the community of IT professionals in the US. He is working as a Senior AI Engineer with Anthem, a trusted provider of health insurance plans.

A master of multi-functional talent, Harish has authored 17 articles on AI, machine learning and IoT. They have been published in established journals like Scopus Indexed Journals and other highly regarded peer reviewed journals. Harish also serves as a board member for many journals where he provides peer review feedback on the submitted pieces. His article “Cryptography in Financial Markets: Potential Channels for Future Financial Stability” discusses cryptocurrencies in detail and outlines the key applications of financial cryptography in digital financial technology (Fintech). In “Product Reviews Sentiment Analysis using Machine Learning: A Systematic Literature Review”, he identified the various machine learning algorithms that can be used for sentiment analysis. He has also featured in Yahoo Finance, Thrive Global, Forbes, New York Weekly, etc. Harish is passionate about helping young professionals excel in their careers. In his free time, Harish loves to mentor graduate interns and co-workers. He is a true inspiration to everybody who aspires to be a successful IT professional.

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