Everyone has personal energy stores that are waiting to be tapped. Sometimes you need to make a conscious effort to access these stores deep within. Harnessing your energy can help you to more efficiently navigate the demands of daily life with less stress and more balance. Let’s explore some ways you can boost your energy by taking ownership of that which is already inside you.

Take Good Care of Your Body
A great place to start is with nurturing your physical body. Try to eat a nutrient-dense diet that includes fresh produce and lean protein. Drink lots of water throughout the day to flush toxins. Make a point to fit exercise into your daily routine. Be sure to get plenty of sleep each night. All of these things will strengthen your immune system and protect you from energy-draining illnesses.

Nurture Your Mind and Spirit
The mind and soul are not separate from the physical body. Focus on nurturing your inner self by making time to feed your intellect and calm your spirit. Read a book or do a crossword to keep your brain sharp. Sit quietly with just your mind and sense of awareness. Mindfulness meditation is a terrific way to tone down those racing and exhausting thoughts you might have relating to all you need to accomplish. Clearing your mind and calming your spirit is an excellent way to hit the reset button.

Connect with Others
Do you rely on emails and text messages to communicate with friends, family, and colleagues? Try putting your phone and laptop away and make a point of interacting with others in person. Face-to-face contact with people is very energizing. Socialization encourages emotional stimulation that is quite healthy, both mentally and physically.

Delegate and Vacate
If you are the type of person who has to have your hands in every pot, you are going to wear yourself down. Find the strengths in your co-workers and family members and ask them for help with tasks you don’t need to spend time on. This is especially useful when you need a break. Rely on others so that you can actually take a relaxing and restorative vacation.

One of the most rewarding and energizing things you can do is to give of your time to help those in need. This does not have to turn into a second job. You can do as little as serving a holiday meal at a local soup kitchen. Or, you could help out in a community garden or public library a couple of days a month. Kindness directly impacts happiness.

Article originally published on DawnDemers.net