Martin Polanco

More than five months have passed since the pandemic made its appearance in the world. The meaning of feeling ‘well’ has also drastically changed as everyone is fighting the risks of infection, both mentally and physically. From this, it is easy to assume why people are becoming more wellness conscious. When you think of wellness, you necessarily think of actions that allow you to protect yourself from illnesses. The novel coronavirus has shown how chronic conditions can worsen. Hence, it has become necessary to focus on preventive actions that promote wellness.

Wellness has never been truly out of mind and out of sight. It is just that the focus has increased more. Today, the health industry is worth four trillion dollars. It is nearly 12.8% higher than 2015 estimates. From saunas to gyms to sound baths, the health industry has paved the way for so many new things. But most of these things are not for everyone because of the difference in socio-economic status, while health has to be about being well without having to pay a hefty price for it. In the pandemic era, these the consideration for costs even more pronounced due to financial uncertainty. People are not looking to buy expensive gadgets at this time.

Martin Polanco: The wellness in its basic form

Simple fitness methods

A large number of people exercise to keep themselves fit. In the absence of gyms and social media hype around advanced wellness trends, you can notice a significant rise in no-frills fitness. From walking to running to working out at home, everyone seems to enjoy low-cost fitness more. They are experiencing high energy, creativity, and better control over stress.

Mental wellness

As the clinical expert Martin Polanco puts it, the pandemic has introduced a new lifestyle for everyone to lead.  The stay-at-home orders have forced people to take care of their mental health through peer support or online consultation. Today, people feel most worried about stretching their dollar. Due to this, there is a tendency to invest in more meaningful and necessary things. The elitist mindset has taken a backseat to the discerning consumer.

All this is a hint that there is a change in how everyone used to perceive wellness earlier and how they approach it now. Today, you can be thankful for walking on an empty street with a clear blue sky above. You can spend more time in nature when you do gardening. You may not realize it, but these are the things that everyone had forgotten. In the past, expensive, advanced equipment replaced a real sense of wellness. However, the novel coronavirus has shown that the real source of wellness resides in the most basic things of life. When you walk or run, you uniquely connect with nature. 

The time that you spend in your garden makes you admire natural beauty in its most nascent form. You experience the real joy of abundance. And when you allow yourself to soak in these experiences, your mind and body heal. A healthy body and a calm mind are essential for your immune system. If your immunity is safe, you can protect yourself from illnesses.