Our angels are always there reminding us that they are near.

I have spent over 40 years betting on the Super bowl with my dad’s best friend.

Every year, we bet one dollar.

But the bet was never about that one crisp dollar.  It was about the shenanigans that accompanied that dollar.

When New York was playing, my dollar bill arrived with a Styrofoam Statue of Liberty crown and a New York Taxi magnet. The year “The Bus” was playing, I paid up my dollar with four quarters attached to the wheels of a school bus.

When I won (which was rare) I’d receive a box full of duck whistles, golf tees and an envelope full of change from around the world that would total $1.

There was so much love wrapped up in these payouts.

I’ve had the joy of reliving these shenanigans as I’ve been cleaning out my garage and finding these capsules of fun. My Super Bowl buddy just recently passed away and I went to his touching funeral yesterday.

As my brother and I walked away and around a corner of a building, a bunch of balloons launched, literally on cue, as we walked around the corner of a building, just like in Angel Birthdays.

It was my mom’s way of saying hello.

A moment later, a mariachi band began playing.

Throughout my childhood, my dad blessed every event we had at our home with the beauty of mariachi music- graduations, house parties, every event called for a mariachi band in his opinion. 

I have to agree with him. Mariachi music moves the soul. 

This was my dad’s way of making his presence known.

My brother and I both stood there in awe basking in the love showered upon us through these angel signs from our parents.

Our loved ones surround us and are here for us, always.

How have your loved ones shown up in your life? What angel signs have you seen? I would love to hear your stories on our Facebook page

Maybe its something as personal as the above or maybe you are seeing repeating numbers as we discussed a few weeks ago in How the Divine communicates with us.

Sometimes our heart needs this comfort. Sometimes we want to know they are still listening and still see us. 

And sometimes we can find comfort in our own healing.

Like attracts like.

As we provide this healing to ourselves, we attract healing situations and people in our lives that begin to fill the roles we had once assigned to our loved one. 

I am not looking for a new betting partner but I will take the joy of our years of fun as my greatest win and will expect to hear a duck whistle during next year’s Super bowl performance as his way of saying hello.   

Join me for this week’s meditation, Holding and healing your heart, as we comfort our own heart to bring in the healing we need to manifest the life of our dreams. 

Much love,