Maeve Ferguson Executive Coach

How many of us have had a massive life altering event? 

I bet quite a few. What is surprising though is that not everyone makes the change they want to after this event passes. I had a wonderful conversation with a wonderful lady the other day at an event, where I was the speaker. After I told my story, she spoke to me afterwards about her having been through something similar and having made some changes, but not having made a “transformational” change. 

So that got me thinking. 

How many of us have gone through something completely life altering and know that we want to transform our lives and do something different, but just haven’t done it?

There could be any number of reasons why we didn’t just go and do it. 

So, here are a few tricks I use to make decisions on when it is “time”. When it is no longer ok to ‘wait another year,’ or ‘wait till the timing is right,’ or wait until our finances are settled.’ There is no right time. The time is now. You have literally got one life. 

Assess How You Feel

Assess how you feel every day. Anyone who has been long term ill knows that you gain a sixth sense where you know every beat of your heart, every feeling in your body and every pain and what that means for your next few weeks. 

But in normal life start to tune into your gut feeling every day – get to know what it is telling you. Are you bouncing every morning, knowing that you are living every single day the way you should be? Or are you dreading things? Do you have an undercurrent of dissatisfaction? Don’t fight it, just observe it and over time evaluate what it is telling you. It is rarely wrong. 

If you are feeling rough about things long term – it is time for change. 

Challenge yourself

Rather than saying I don’t know how to do that, or oh I couldn’t do that, challenge yourself. Ask yourself why not. And if not now, when? Are you going to do it when you are 87? Doubtful. So challenge yourself to go and live the life you want to, to work on your terms. It is time for change, all you have to do is decide and then get the support you need and go and do it. 


Ask yourself, will I look back in 10 years time and be disappointed in myself for not taking the chance when I had it? If your answer is yes or maybe, go and do it. There is nothing more wasteful than a life with regret. Make the decision. Get the support. Make it happen. 

Know your Value

So many people that I talk to have a common response, oh I wouldn’t even know where to start. I wouldn’t know what to do. That is the point of having a Coach. Figure out niches that you are interested in. Figure out your skills. Figure out what makes you tick. Figure out what you would do all day every day and love it. Because literally when you love what you do you don’t work a day in your life. Know that you have amazing skills that make you unique. Know that you do have a service to offer the world. Get the right support and go and make it happen. When I was in my old job, I ran a team of 47 young people. I literally loved them, their success made me so happy, watching them grow into amazing rounded professionals and strike up career paths of their own made me so happy. I still watch their progress today. It was an incredible job. So when I was assessing what I wanted to do after my own life altering event, I knew it had to be with people. I knew I could support and coach and mentor people through to realising their own dreams. That’s why I retrained as an Executive Coach and now I help women create their signature online service business.

So what do you know about yourself? What do you love to do? 

Hope you found this useful!

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