Harry was a Sales Director. He built a successful career in a company which prided itself on its past success. But Harry was worried – the world had changed, and Harry knew that the company would not be agile enough to keep up with the new demands of technology. 

Harry had a knack with people. He was always the go to guy with the big ideas, and was much loved by his team.  But Harry knew in his heart he was meant for more. He dreamed of a different life – where he could feel more passion, adventure, have more impact and success.

Harry happened to live near the end of a walking track in a beautiful forest area. He walked there every day before work – and was often asked by tourists who were at the end of their walk if he knew where they could find a coffee, and something to eat. 

Harry knew the nearest store was 15 miles away. He often thought it would be a good idea to have a little food stand where people could buy a coffee, and something simple like an egg and bacon roll. He had noticed people were going back to nature, wanting the simple things again. He recognised that in the restrictions of life as we now know it – they were wanting family, friendship, space to breathe. He felt a shift happening.

Harry lay in bed at night, thinking about his idea. He started to dream of being his own boss. He wondered if he could use his skills to create a place where people could smile, relax and enjoy themselves. Where he could make his own decisions.

One day after his walk, Harry mentioned the idea to his wife Sally (no relation to Meg Ryan).  ‘Don’t be ridiculous’ – said Sally. ‘We can’t take that kind of risk’.  You’ve never run a business before. Harry instantly felt disappointed. She was probably right.

Harry told his neighbour and friend, Mike about the idea.  “Buddy – you’re a great cook – but the economy is in a mess. It’s not the right time”.

In spite of this – Harry kept going. He started to research the idea, he put a business plan together and worked out the menu.  He became excited – but as the days and months went by – Harry thought about his responsibilities. His kids, the mortgage.  Harry felt fear. So he tucked away his dreams – and continued on with his normal life. Conflicted and discouraged.

One day – after working away for a few months, Harry returned home and walked along his track, when he noticed a line of people in the distance.  Harry walked over – only to see a man with a small stand – selling egg and bacon rolls, and coffee.  The sign said – “Joe’s Place –the Best Egg and Bacon Rolls in the World”.

Harry was shocked, disappointed.  Harry went back to his job the next week –to find they were laying off staff. His job was gone.

Over time – Joe’s place became known for having the best egg and bacon rolls in the country – eventually becoming a successful cafe and lunchtime enterprise, with people coming from all over the world just to experience Joe’s famous egg and bacon rolls.  

Every time Harry passed the café – it stung.   

Sound too simplistic? What if this story was true? What if it was your story?

Humans are wired to grow, to pursue goals, to create.

The greatest movement makers, creatives, category leaders, industry moguls were those who boldly reached forward – the cause greater than the fear.

When all odds seem against us, when we hear negative media, as powerful leaders, entrepreneurs, we must:

  1. Cultivate a consistent and deep mindset of peace, conviction, confidence.
  2. See our ideas, product, service as a mirror of our God given talents to be faithfully harvested.
  3. Develop a nucleus of wise, secure, gifted mentors who know more than we do, so as to navigate to the goal faster.
  4. Consciously turn away from disappointment, fear, discouragement – towards faith
  5. Be healed of our wounds and secure in our identity.
  6. Know we have the power to get wealth –  then take action to grow financially.

I’m curious…

What’s your ‘egg and bacon roll’ idea?

What do you instinctively know you need to ‘step into’?  

What new information do you need in order to answer your doubts?.

Who can mentor you, ‘pull you up’ to that next level with advice, wisdom and experience?

Be like Joe.

Copyright © Louise Taylor 2020


  • Louise Taylor

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