anthony nuara

In today’s fast-paced world of business, the state of mind and well-being of individuals are crucial in their journey. Here we find out about the internal thoughts of Anthony Nuara and why he believes it is so important to manage your emotions.

Strong mindset

Successful businessmen around the world have a vast range of attributes that accelerate their journey towards success.

While the traits they possess vary significantly, there is one thing that they all have in common: a strong mindset.

Believing in yourself is one of the core necessities of surviving and thriving in the business world – and it is something that Anthony has no trouble with.

He believes in himself 101 per cent and his growth mindset is simply contagious.

Furthermore, he is not just concerned about his own success and development, he also shifts huge focus on those around him.

He believes it is absolutely essential to invest more than just money in your people.

Managing emotions

When it comes to judging Anthony’s experience and success, it is clear to see.

He is the CEO and founder of Freedom Power Solutions, a solar company, Freedom Investing, a community of investors, Freedom Water Solutions, a water purification company, and Amazon Freedom, an Amazon automation company.

But, along the way during his journey so far, he has learned many valuable and memorable lessons.

He believes that if you can’t manage your emotions then you will not go far in life. For anybody doubting this, he asks them: “When was the last time you did something smart when you were very angry?”

Billionaire vision

Meanwhile, despite his abundance of success to date, he is not letting up in his efforts to achieve more of his goals.

He wants to become a billionaire in the future. But not just because of the financial aspect of this level of wealth, it is because he knows how many people he would be able to help with that type of influence and money.

There are a range of factors that have led him to where he is right now, including reading a lot.

Furthermore, he is all or nothing – he attacks any opportunities when they are presented.

But he also understands the importance of finding time for his passions during his free time when he is not working on his companies.

When he is not sucked into his business, he likes giving his family and friends the attention that they deserve.

Anthony believes you are either growing or dying, with nothing in life staying stagnant. He always wants to be in the process of growing and never forgets his three top core values – freedom, peace and growth.

Huge risk

Anthony has had a number of key moments and turning points in his career to date, which he never forgets.

He took a huge risk by getting into door-to-door sales with $1,000 in his bank at 25 years old. But that brave and courageous decision has paid off massively – he is now a multi-millionaire at the age of 31.

The inspirational figure never forgets the importance of living in the present and always believes ‘today’ is the happiest day of his life.

Many people would want to win prizes or awards for their achievements. But for Anthony, having thousands of messages from people saying how he helped them or changed their lives is the best award he ever received.

The core element of what keeps him motivated everyday is knowing there are people out there whose lives he can help to change for the better. He wants to be the leader that he wishes he had when he needed a mentor.

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