This is my first post. 🙂

I am a patent attorney, and have recently started a small business. I have been a patent attorney for over 16 years, and have worked in law firms for most of this time.

I unfortunately was in a pretty serious “health” accident in 2017, and after this, I left the firm I was at and started my own online business. I am not afraid to share what happened to me if there is interest, so please let me know if you want to find out more.

Lawyers tend to work many hours. This is not great for them and their families. I now make it a point to slow down. I walk my dog for about an hour every day and spend more time with my beautiful wife and two kids.

It has taken me years to realize this, but slowing down and taking breaks is beneficial for your mind and body. I have tried meditation recently, but I have not had much success with it. I may try it again in the future, we will see.

Thanks for reading this,


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