Stop missing out on not making the most out of platforms like LinkedIn. Too often I see people create a profile, add a handful of people they know, and forgo diving in and truly building a powerful network. Instead, break through your fear and #connect!

I’ve only recently been active here due to 1. the fear of not knowing how to have successful conversations, 2. a lack of urgency to deepen my connections, and 3. I didn’t understanding the value my network had to offer. So far, to give you a taste of that value, I’ve been approached with possible career opportunities, invited to enriching networking events, made several new friendships, and helped others get closer to their goals.

I wanted to post this article with the hopes that you can utilize some things I’ve learned to aid you in your journey of navigating your network.

Be Willing to Be the Initiator

When I make a new connection, I always try to reach out and open the door to a conversation by introducing myself. I used to wait passively for others to start a conversation, but I’ve learned that limited the impact I could have. Usually I like to ask questions around things I saw on other’s profiles that seem interesting, unique, or relevant to me.

Be a Good Conversationalist

I want to add value in all of my conversations which requires me to be genuinely interested in learning about the other person, asking purposeful questions, and not having an agenda with where the conversation is headed. Some practical tips in how to be a good conversationalist are; ask open-ended questions so that you are able to have quality dialogue, skim your conversation prior to responding so that your responses makes sense with what has been shared, and read what you write prior to sending so that what you communicate reads well to the recipient.

Be a Giver

A good friend of mine recently shared with me that if you want to succeed in life, give abundantly and without expectation in receiving something in return. I love sharing a good book I read that is relevant to the other individual’s self-development goals, recommending a Ted Talk I watched that might help them move ahead in their career, or inviting them to a networking event where they can meet other success-minded individuals. I also like viewing and engaging in other’s content so they know their time and effort creating a post, article, or video truly added value to my day.

Be a Connector

There’s so much we each have to offer with our life experiences and relationships. One of the most rewarding components I’ve had so far with my LinkedIn journey, has been in making connections for others. While most of these connections are professional, I’ve also had fun making introductions personally in different areas as well such as; financial, spiritual, and in fitness.

Making meaningful connections is not something that happens automatically. We have to be willing to invest time growing our communication skills and in breaking the ice to know someone new, but the rewards are #worthit. I’d love to get to know you and hear about how your relationships on LinkedIn have made a difference in your life. Please post any tips you have or ways we can better utilize this platform!