Haylee Stamper is an international speaker, author, and thought leader in what she calls Conscious Self-Evolution. As a coach, she has helped thousands of women find their way towards personal and professional growth. However, the road to being a mentor for women wasn’t easy.

Haylee had always been highly passionate–she was an Olympic-trained figure skater and ice dance medalist and put all her heart into getting better at the craft. But with her passion also came perfectionism, and setting very high standards for herself. “I was very hard on myself, and I never felt good enough. I sought validation and based my worthiness on the opinions of others,” she shared.

She later channeled her passion into building a 17-year career as a Pilates instructor, working with high-profile clients like Muhammad Ali. She also found success in working for several direct selling companies. Despite her professional achievements, Haylee faced mental struggles during this time.

“Having low self-worth led me to be controlled and manipulated by others. I went into a string of toxic relationships, and a bad marriage. I was hurting from emotional trauma, and I often felt helpless and afraid,” Haylee said.

Making the choice to leave her unhappy first marriage led Haylee to realize that she could hold the reins to her own life. But the legal issues and arguments that ensued eventually wore her down.

“I remarried, and life looked happy on the surface, but deep down, I felt weak and powerless. I wanted to be there for my children, but I was exhausted and felt that I couldn’t live to take another breath,” she disclosed. “One day, I was lying lifelessly on a couch, and I knew then that I finally had to make a choice–whether to let go of my will to live, or to just pick myself up and stand up.”

In that life-defining moment, she chose to get up on her two feet. “I was standing in my living room alone, and I didn’t know what to do. The truth is, we don’t always know what comes next but the strength comes in being willing to stand anyway, without knowing how or why.”

Channeling her newfound lust for life, Haylee went through a process of self-healing and personal evolution. “I had to let go of perfectionism and false positivity. I had to stop positioning myself as a victim, and started to take ownership of myself, and my life,” she shared.”

Haylee also learned to embrace her own sensitivity and emotional capacity. “I stopped battling my feelings and learned that being empathic is a gift,” she said. “I opened my heart, shared my life story, and realized that I could use it to help others. I started to discover my true burning purpose when other women started reaching out and sharing their own truths.”

Today, Haylee is guiding women in connecting with their inner power, finding their voice, retiring unhealthy and unhappy relationships, making breakthroughs in their own careers and businesses. She has appeared in speaking events in the US and around the globe, and is a published author and regular contributor to several publications. The driving force behind her success, she says, is the motivation to help women who have gone through the same struggles.

“I know many women like me who are going through the same ordeal of self-doubt, and feeling stuck in a rut,” Haylee said. “My mission is to remind them that they deserve to be happy, and to make a good life for themselves. It’s all about finding confidence in yourself, and using that to embrace possibilities and finally get what you want out of life.”