Wouldn’t it have been wonderful if we all could have grown up in an “Ozzie and Harriet” home where parents spoke lovingly and kindly with inside voices?

I don’t know about you, but that was not my life experience. When a parent or parents operate on a level of 90% on the emotional scale without taking a breath and the tone is somewhere between 500 to 1.6 HZ, you know that will have a lasting affect on a child.

Combine this with life’s challenges, stressors, and or abuse and you have the perfect recipe for a traumatized childhood.

If the child has any varying degree of sensitivity, then the case goes far into the extremes such as the child missing out on having a childhood and stepping into the role as parent, healer, or fixer. In essence, becoming the peacekeeper. In reality, this child constantly walks on eggshells waiting for the next emotional bomb to drop. These experiences at such a young age can lead to chronic stress, depression, anxiety, anger, and never feeling as though they will ever measure up or ever have self-worth.

This level of  “On Guard” experiences leads to headaches, tension in the body, digestive issues, and infections on a cellular level. All of these physical and emotional experiences make their way into your cells and stay there. The trapped trauma patiently waits like a “Lady in Waiting” until one day you go to your Doctor and hear the news you have heart disease, cancer, or some other rare disease no one has a cure for. All of this causes great inflammation in the body.

Why Does it take this long to wake up to the realization that each one of us needs to heal from that which no longer serves us? Why do we wake up when we receive that dreaded health news? Shouldn’t we seek to learn new life skills on self-care? We all should value our life more than this. When you leave these emotional or physical traumas unattended and ignored they have led many down a path of suicide.

In order to take this journey of healing, it is key to address the inner child. By going within the subconscious mind and visiting the pathways that hold the sense memory of trauma, can we then begin to gain greater insight as the adult in order to break up those vibrational memories that no longer exist in the present moment.  Your physical body and cells have been holding onto those experiences as if they are in the now which they are not.

Take value in your life now! The time it takes to uncover the magnificence within your soul is your journey of observance and remembering to live moment to moment rising to a lighter and freer state of consciousness. The magnificence within you has always been there! Own it! Embrace it! You are the light of this world!

~JoAnn Kisler~

Breath of Energia Healing


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