No matter how much focus we put on exercise, nutrition, body work or therapy to move us forward through this journey called ‘life’, we still seem to find ourselves overwhelmed, challenged, stressed, anxious or even worse, depressed and potentially suicidal. 

Emotional trauma, from this lifetime or before, if not dealt with, will unquestionably manifest in the physical. Addiction, burnout, anxiety, numbing behaviors, insomnia, allergies, digestive issues, weight gain, loss of libido. The list of physical manifestations from deep rooted emotional issues left untreated, is endless.

I came across Harmonyum as a last resort. I had nothing to lose, I knew something had to change, and although it sounds more than a little cliche, Harmonyum truly saved my life.

When I introduce myself to people as a healer they are naturally intrigued, majority of the time the initial response is ‘Can you help heal me, I need you’. When we talk a little more and I tell them I work with a hands on modality called Harmonyum, the next question I inevitably get is always ‘Is it like a massage?’. Technically no, but in some respects, a little, only the focus is more so on the energetic body vs the physical body.

But what is Harmonyum? Is it possible that this divine healing system can allow you to do for yourself what years of therapy can never do for you?

In my humble opinion, the answer to that question is unequivocally, yes.

The Harmonyum Healing System™ researched and developed by Dr Joseph Michael Levry with the aim of making self healing possible, was first developed over twenty six years ago. The application of Divine Spiritual Wisdom, traditionally a hands on healing system working directly on the spine and addressing the entire neurological system, now being offered as a distance healing technique, is one of the most powerful and sophisticated healing methods I have ever had the opportunity to work with. The perfect combination of science and spirituality.

Our bodies are designed to heal themselves. We are self healing machines with an innate ability to self heal without the need for drugs our surgery, but in order for us to access that self healing capacity, we have to give our bodies the right environment in which to do so. 

Trauma – late 17th century: from Greek, literally ‘wound’ – A deeply distressing or disturbing emotional experience, or physical injury.

Taking many forms such as stress, anxiety and uncertainty, trauma consistently stimulates the sympathetic side of the nervous system, the fight and flight mode, keeping us running on high alert and producing an excess of cortisol. We are depleting our body’s capacity to heal itself. Increased heart rate, frustration, anger, fear, panic, and overwhelm all bring us into a lower vibrational state. These low vibrational energies do not allow us to tap into the healing power of the heart. They keep us stuck in a vibration that does not serve us and prevents our bodies doing what they are innately designed to do, heal themselves.

Enter activation of the para sympathetic nervous system through the Harmonyum Healing System™. The rest and digest side of the autonomic nervous system is stimulated, with which the vagus nerve is heavily involved; lowering blood pressure, heart rate and taking us into a deep state of relaxation. A renewing space to harness the feelings of compassion, joy, empathy, peace and calm. It is in this space that our bodies can truly figure out what it is they need to do to heal at root level. 

Harmonyum will allow you to do for yourself what years of therapy will never do for you. 

Harmonyum turns the light on in our consciousness. We become aware of what is NOT serving us: our thoughts, our words, our feelings, our actions and our attitude, allowing us to make the necessary changes to support our best lives and to TRULY thrive.

I wholeheartedly believe that Harmonyum will find you when you are ready to receive it, when nothing else has worked, and you are ready to move forward with a higher level of permanent healing.

My only advice to you on reading this article would be this:  If you do not want your life to change, do not have Harmonyum.