A salon walkout definitely affects you financially, but as I speak to owners around the country. It’s not the money they want to talk about. It’s the emotional wounds. “Why did they do this to me.”  “They never said a word to me about it.”  “I gave them this and this and this.”  “What did I do to make them do this to me.”  “I feel so betrayed.”  And again, ” I gave them so much.”  ” I haven’t taken a paycheck in months.”

At first, it will be the financial strain that a walkout causes to you, your family and your business that keeps you up at night. As time moves on, it will be the emotional piece that keeps you tossing and turning night after night, causes you to alienate yourself, changes your view of the world and makes it difficult for you to trust people again. Here are some pointers that I found helpful to heal emotionally and help you understand your participation in what happened and not only how to heal but how to prevent it going forward.

  1. Find a therapist or coach to help you see an outsider’s perspective who is less emotionally vested to talk to. Catholic Charities is a good place to start if you are strapped for cash. They can offer discounted or even free sessions.
  2. Look at the people involved in your walkout or walkouts.  What were their traits, needs, backgrounds. For me, my therapist and I found a link in the type of people I was hiring and why I was choosing them. We dug deep into what was causing me to hire this type of person.
  3. Look at each of those people and try to understand their perspective of the situation, their needs, their influence over the rest of the team. Find the lessons. Appreciate the lessons and learning they taught you.
  4. Look at how you, your behaviors and your management style may have contributed to the walkout.
  5. Look at your business, your family, your future.  Make adjustments to your behavior and continue working on it and you. Move forward and continue the learning and journey. I recently heard a podcast where the entrepreneurial coach explained that we are never done. We are always, growing, learning, improving and we need to find out how to be happy as we continue to grow and move forward from our mistakes.  Follow manuelashtruc.com for more entrepreneurial happiness tips.
  6. Make an appointment with your doctor.  After white knuckling it for almost 2 years, my doctor told me that I would need something to boost my serotonin levels. For at least a year, he recommended, to recover from the trauma I encountered.  I’m not a doctor! Make an appointment to talk to yours.
  7. Manuel Astruc also recommends that you start moving. Physically. I walked for hours a day listening to podcasts. I got outside, got exercise, talked to my mom or close friends and listened to inspirational podcasts, all completely free!
  8. Take a course or online class, something that interests you or that you enjoy. I took an online class from the Fashion institute of Technology on beauty product development, packaging and marketing.
  9. Do something good for someone else.  I volunteered for a couple causes that I am passionate about. I also started being a listening, compassionate ear to other owners going through similar circumstances. So many studies show that doing good for others heals the soul.
  10. Find your Faith.  I know you have been working a lot and it’s probably been a while since you went to church or temple.  Reconnect with your faith.  Maybe start meditating. It gave me hope to keep going each morning or at the start of my week. If I couldn’t get to church I found a livestream or recorded message online or on TV.

I hope that one of these suggestions can help you. I had to call upon all of them! I’m getting back to myself after almost 2 years. A stronger, wiser and less defeated, version of my new self. Slowly but surely.