She looks at the messages. Nothing unusual. Perfectly normal message from her friend. And yet…..there is suddenly this well known feeling that’s been creeping in through her body. It doesn’t make sense. This is her good friend she’s talking to and their relationship is very pleasant, nourishing, full of joy and support. Definitely nothing like this feeling. 

It’s starting to overtake her thinking, her response, her everything. Her whole body contracts in protection, defence and a sense of panic. 

“Why does this feel so uncomfortable? Where am I?”

It was one simple sentence her friend used that flipped her right out of her body and straight into those past memories when she felt just like this. YES, the body remembers. 

The emotional body remembers that feeling, remembers the tightness, remembers the panic and she feels like she’s shrinking again. In a completely new situation, with a loving friend, and yet, here it is. It is a reaction she used to have at work, long time ago.

She feels overwhelmed and in a complete overload of feelings and sensations.There is a moment when she pauses, she slows down inside of all that she feels.
She shares that with her friend, the pain, the struggle, the truth. 

There it is,  the connection that opens up locked doors. The most healing of them all. Being seen in those moments we want to run away and hide. Being seen and loved so deeply. 

YES, body really remembers. Our bodies carry so many of these memories, and it is very important to address them as they come. To honour them. It is very important to heal these little ’spots’. The moments when the emotions were so overwhelming that they got trapped and a blockage was created. 

It is not something we can go around and ignore.. I mean… we can and, it will just keep happening over and over again, until we really look. So we might as well do it sooner rather than later.It is important to investigate and do the self-enquiry and understand what got hurt and what is hidden underneath the wild physical reaction. 

It is important to bring them to the surface of our consciousness, to be felt, so the healing can start. Opening up and sharing this with the person, seeing the love in their eyes, feeling their attention, being vulnerable and willing to show this part that you wanted to hide so much is what starts the process of Healing. 

Photo credit: Levi Guzman (unsplash)