This is an intense time. 

Once again we face the reality of a world fragmented, polarized and terrorized by issues of blatant self-interest, lack of respect, lack of recognition or caring about differing perspectives, of disempowerment, and of the trampled dreams of those deemed lesser or other. 

Because everything is interconnected, local as well as global issues, whether they are physical, economic, environmental, moral or spiritual, all affect us personally. 

We are now facing a critical moment when we can change history. 

We are facing a moment to move beyond the constriction and false boundaries that are responsible for the devastations that we find ourselves living. We are facing a moment to heal the communal heart.

As we sit in the grit and grind of the pain we see around us, let us find the courage to invite dialogue and healing through real conversation. Let us understand that to the extent we ignore the beauty of our own particular stories, we are in pain. To the extent that we ignore the beauty of the stories of other people, we are in pain. To the extent that we dominate other people’s dreams and way of life, we are in pain. To the extent that we ignore the gift exchange that can happen when people come together from an honoring place, we are in pain. And to the extent that we forget our spiritual nature, we are in pain.

We have experienced enough pain.

Let us walk the path of hope and healing despite tensions, difficulties and setbacks. Let us recognize the importance of listening, hearing, sharing and caring.  Let us remind each other through meetings with the leaders of different faiths and political ideologies, in grassroots hand holding, and by connecting with neighbors, friends, and yes, even adversaries, that we are all intimate and ongoing participants in the creation of the universe. And that we have a choice about the reality we wish to create. 

Our work is to create nothing short of a miracle. 

Through the tiny moments looking deeply into the eyes, tears and smiles of the so-called other, by sharing heartfelt fears, stories, and dreams for future generations, we can open the way for miracles. It is time to open our hearts, to meet each other, and life, from the beauty of the wider place so that we create the greater society. For the sake of our future, let us open the way for miracles.


  • Lorell Frysh

    Ph.D. Transpersonal Psychologist

    Lorell Frysh has a PhD. in East-West Psychology, with a focus in Spiritual Counseling. She is also an Interior Architect and Designer and combines it with Psychology to create conscious interiors. She is the author of the spiritual novel Jewels in the Net of the Gods. Lorell spent over forty five years exploring, studying, and receiving initiation in many of the great spiritual, mystical, and healing traditions of the world including Vedanta Hinduism, Buddhism, Christian Mysticism, Kabbalah, Sufism and has also spent time with indigenous healers from Native American Nations, the Koisan Bushmen, and Inyangas in Southern Africa. For more information about Lorell visit