Healing Your Depressed Mind after an Exam

It is no surprise that many people suffer from exam blues. The tension, the anticipation, the anxiety, and the heartbreak of not answering the questions to your satisfaction – everything is a part of this big circus named examination. The real problem starts when you don’t do well as you want to. You may have panic attacks because you always think that you will fail in the exam. This can lead to depression, and that is not a good thing for your mind and body. If you find yourself having difficulty focusing on other important things after an exam, here are a few things that could help.

1.    Eat desserts

Eating the fanciest of desserts can keep your mind occupied on better things instead of thinking of the horrible experience on your examination day. The sweetness of desserts can successfully fight depression and stress. It alleviates your mind and distracts it whenever you have a scoop of your favorite ice cream. You may even develop positive thoughts like preparing better for the next test, inspiring you to attend online tutoring courses and find more information about it. so you have a better shot at performing better. Experts believe that desserts, especially ice-creams, can boost your mind to a great extent and keep depression away for good.

2.    Listen to music

Another excellent technique to beat the exam blues is to listen to music. What has happened on the day of the examination has happened already. There is no way you can change the results. But you can certainly free your mind by listening to your favorite music. It will be better to listen to calm and peaceful music, and not hard metal rock songs. Slow music can relax your brain, and it drifts your mind away from the depression you are going through because of the recent exam.

3.    Meditation

It is a myth that meditation is only used as a religious practice. The objective of meditation is to improve focus and concentration. When you are going through a phase of prolonged depression due to an examination, meditation can be your ticket to freeing your mind from negative thoughts. Even 5 minutes of meditation every day can boost your brain and fill it with positivity.

4.    Spend time with your pet

Locking yourself in your room because of a lousy examination is never good for your health. Instead, go out and cuddle your pet. Your dog or your cat will understand your mood, and they will do their best to cheer you up. Take them for a walk, play with them outdoors, give them a bath – spend enough time with them so that you forget about your exam day for a while. Pets can sense your mood quickly, and they will tolerate your grumpiness for long hours. So, don’t miss this opportunity to use them as your mind booster because they are excellent at this job.

Depression doesn’t take anyone anywhere. It is only a source of negativity in your life. Examinations will come and go, but if you see the bigger picture and focus on the things you can control, you should take steps to make yourself better instead of punishing yourself long after your exam.


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